Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lenormand Small Combinations!

I have found that using monthly Grand Tableau is a great way to make some personal combinations. This can be done using houses approach.

For those who are unaware, houses are the 36 cards, placed in their original numerological order and then each house (card) represents one area or aspect of your life. e.g Clover is luck and success, Ship is house of longing. You can check this out, it is where I learnt it from :)

Every month, we are well aware what happened around us in this one month. We know how lucky we were, what we felt, what happened in our love lives etc. Iris Trppners says that when interpreting houses, The original ruler of the house comes first and the card that is now in that house comes to the right. e.g when I have Ring in house of Rider, the combination would be Rider + Ring and not the other way round.
e.g here in my picture, Rider + Ring, Clover +Fox, Ship + Bear and so on. I have done this for my Grand Tableau and found it gives a great method to formulate our own combinations. Of course I was not able to put my finger on each of the combination, but most were eerily right.

For sake of convenience, I wrote the spread down and then under it wrote the house ruler (I'm sure that's not what they are called but someone had to come up with a name). This gave me around 26 personal combinations for this month and I wish I had done this before with other GTs I've done in past. Its easier this way since we have a focus (what happens with my health this month, what happened in love life, what gave me pain) and then the cards in those houses, it was a nice experience.

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