Saturday, February 25, 2012

What you ask is what matters!

I have noticed something since I started working with this oracle. The importance of question!
How you ask or What you ask is the most important aspect of a reading. Many a times we formulate a question and then without paying enough focus on "what" we are asking we draw out cards. Only later on some one pin-points or we realize that there can be more than one meaning for one question.

I encountered this thing many times. Once when I asked a question about my brother and posted it on AT and someone said there can be more than one side to this answer. Next was when I was asking a question about my karmic soul mate and once I encountered it yesterday. I will explain with an example:

I wanted to ask the cards when I'm going to see (meet) this particular guy again. What would be the first thing that pops up:

When will I see him again?

Now look at the dimensions it can work it. I might see his picture in my albums, so technically I am "seeing" him.

Should I ask "When will I meet him again?"

If I'm crossing a road and find him on the other side, standing with his friend and we stop to say hello, technically I did "meet" him, didn't I?

So you see we do not consider these things when we formulate our questions. Some people say its in your head the cards know what you are thinking about etc, but I disagree, because I have had instances where my wrong question gave me the "right" answer, but that was not the question I should have been asking. I will post another example, an instance from last night, which made me stop, ponder and write this post here for others to benefit from.
For now I can just give following suggestions about formulating your questions:

1. Write your question down: It always helps you focusing. i always get distracted. Writing the question down helps me in focusing on what I'm asking. Besides re-reading the question after lying the cards down helps me in  giving a direction to my "story".

2. Be specific: Instead of asking everything in one go, break your problem into smaller questions and then find answers.

3. Look at your questions from different angles before shuffling the cards out. You might be surprised for what you get.

4. Take your time. there is no rushing here. If you are short on time, come back later. Do not rush.

This is all for right now, I have lots more to share after I analysed my GT for Feb 2012 last night, but I have to come back later!!


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