Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February 5 - 11: week reading

This reading is for the week from February 5- February 11.

Rider - Stars - Anchor - Child - Lady - Flower - Roads

The Child in the middle suggest a new beginning, in terms of stability or job, for a woman (Me). I'm working hard this month and feeling stagnant (Lady+Anchor).

Left side:
Rider - Stars - Anchor - Child

I'm receiving a message from my readings this month, probably about a new form of esoteric work, I will probably get a new way of reading the cards or an important message will be received which helps me learning a new form of esoteric work (Stars+ Anchor).

update: Wooah a lot has happened in this one week. I got a few readings which were pointing to an offer appearing soon enough. New-ness was the theme of the week and it worked very well in my advantage. I did receive a new hope, that things will change and start moving soon.

Right Side:
Child - Lady - Flower - Roads

This young but charming Lady is finding an alternate offer or an invite. The Roads+ Rider tell me there are many alternate solutions coming to me through these wonderful ideas (Flower+Stars). I probably will be able to make a decision which serves me right.

Update: I was on-spot about two offers. I did get two romantic offers. 

Adding them together: 125 = 35-Anchor. This week is about stagnation, but with Child there can be a hope for something new. Anchor can restrict the movement much since I'm having exams as well and I might be busy with them for most part.

The only thing that is holding me back is my stagnant life and the kind of life I'm used to.

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