Sunday, February 19, 2012

General reading with 3x3

After I did those two readings with 3x3 spread, my friend wanted a general reading of his life.A snapshot of my situation is what I call it.

The most astonishing part is we first decided to take Heart out as pre-chosen significator, but then I decided otherwise and went along with a general. The Heart card has appeared in the centre, emphasizing that the cards are aware that current focus is love.

First card: Scythe
At the present moment he is thinking about getting rid of something, something that is no longer needed.He intends to make a decision and a rather quick one.

Lets look at Rows:
1: He intends to make a suddden decision of cutting back at his social life and bring about some changes that will bring improvement in his life.This is true because he thinks he spends too much time just socialising among people who serve him no good.

2: He is having some lovely chats with some one who is financially independent. The emotional side of Fish (water) also mixes well with the Heart card. His love life is sort of going nice, but a little anxiousness is there.

3: He is looking for a solution which unlocks his path and let him decide what he needs to do.

Past: He cut back with conversations with a really clever one. He thinks the conversations were too much fake and not what they seemed like.

Present: He is having lovely interactions with people which is making him realize some positive things about himself.

Future: A clear financial improvement. An increase of wealth through more than one alternative.

Diagonals: Scythe - Heart - Roads = A heartache made him separate paths.

Storks - Heart - Fox = Some changes in love life have made him cautious.

Scythe - Fish - Fox = Sudden sense of clarity. Cutting at the blurriness presented by water in Fish is cleared out and Fox is presenting logic and guarding up for self-interest.

Storks - Birds - Roads = Changes have made him nervous about what needs to be done, which option to choose. (notice the Twos in all three cards, two birds, two owls, two paths) faced with choices.

Scythe - Key - Storks = A sudden solution which brings changes.

Fox - Garden - Roads = Many treacheries and betrayals made him separate paths with someone.

Here in the situation we can see some positivity going on in present and improvements in future. The Queen and King of Diamond can be a couple so I do not look at Roads as a decision, instead its reaching a solution. It looks like a positive spread for future. Another thing I noticed was that he has two 8's (of spades and Diamonds) in present column: which means according to some authors, a brief affair which causes regrets and this is exactly true for him right now. Also 8 of Diamonds and several Person Cards (we have five here) means a social gathering. I think it will be in future.

 I wish him luck and happiness.

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