Friday, February 3, 2012

Grand Tableau for Life

I did a GT for life when I was not in love yet and I was still stuck on a relationship with my ex- lover. That GT was an interesting one with me in house of Roads (I was supposed to make a choice and move on) and Coffin in house 29-Lady telling me I was undergoing the famous cycle of Transformation.

Last night I was thinking since my life has changed a lot after that, I have chosen a direction in my career, I have  chosen a direction in my love life, so why not do a GT about life NOW when things have changed, just to see what changes are reflected in both cases. Here I'm posting the new GT only, I will someday post the older one and this one both and compare how one decision has changed the course of my life.

Lilies ---- Ship ----- Roads -- -Cross -- Lady -- -Storks -- -Heart -- --Garden
Sun ------Anchor -- Flower -- Fish -- --Moon -- Birds -- --Stars ----- Child
Letter --- Tower -- -Coffin -- -Key -- --Dog -- --Tree -- --Book -- --Clouds
Scythe --- Fox ----- Man ---- Snake -- Whip -- -House -- Mount. -- -Mice
---------------------Clover -- Bear ---- Ring -- --Rider--------------------

Theme of the reading:
Lilies - Ship - Roads
My life is full of lessons learnt through the journey I've had by the choices I've made. I have always found myself facing choices, and my wisdom is an outcome of those choices.

Corner cards:
Lilies - Mice / Garden - Scythe

I will look at lilies in terms of wisdom and balance and Mice as something that lessens it. My life has been full of experiences by I have never really learnt to balance things. That has been an issue always.

On the other hand I avoid people, I avoid socialising.

Fate Cards:
Clover - Bear - Ring - Rider
Financial satisfaction while desiring a marriage/stable bond (The direction of Rider tells what you want/desire)

Fox - Coffin - Fish -Lady
The past has been a clever and successful subconscious transformation when I was trying to find my path towards light.

Lilies - Ship - Roads - Cross
Look how the decision has been made, how the choice has been made in the past with Roads+Cross combo. The Lilies - Ship - Roads tell me again about how I have learnt my way through the decisions I've made in past.

At Present:
Lady - Moon - Dog - Whip- Ring

I'm being sensitive and illusionary about this friend/lover ,who is tired or ached, because of some relationship which is not so fulfilling  and full of troubles (Whip).

(This rings so true!)

Future: Keeping on the same path way, if I keep going like this, the future holds
Storks - Heart - Garden

Storks bring changes. They always have. They are about improvements in life. Surrounded by no negative cards, I think I will fall in love, in a public place, or at an event.
What kind of event: With Child , it can be an event about children, or young women, Stars tell me its some kind of spiritual gathering.

(If its for women, what would he be doing there *giggles*)
Garden is in house of Coffin, so this confirms either its a funeral or a hospital, it can be a hospital ward for children.

Lady- Birds - Book - Mice

This tells me I will also be having some secret conversations which will stress me out.

Analysing Lady :
I'm in house of Tree, growing slowly and learning at my own pace. I'm known to be a slow one when it comes to growth or being "mature".  In house 29-Lady is Whip, I'm really aggressive and argumentative. I really love physical activities having a strong Mars in my chart. Right behind me I have Cross, whatever was before Cross has now come to an end. I'm restless now with Storks right next to me. I want to feel free. With Birds and Moon next to me, I'm also quite nervous about these changes and the words and promises which sometimes feel illusive. Lady - Birds - Heart tell me I'm nervous about this love of mine.

Taking a Look at Dog as my friend-cum-lover:
He is in house of blockages and he is actually trying to emotionally block me out. I find my ways towards him blocked. In house of Dog is Tower which confirms that he wants to be alone. In either direction for his future,  I see improvements (Clouds) and comfort (House).

I shuffled the cards and asked which card in this spread is representing my life partner and the answer I got was 28-Man

He is in house of Letter, so we might meet through correspondence of some sort. In house 28- is Snake, so he is either with another woman right now or is in trouble.Looks like he is facing some arguments at home (Whip+House). Scythe+Fox tells me he has been cautious with his hasty decision making.Right on top of him he has Coffin, and Tower, he must have had some recent loss, and it was meant to be with Key card.

I asked the cards which card in this spread represented my ex- and I got Roads:
The Cross stands between me and him which tells me he is out of my life now, the Cross has separated us.

Very interesting part is that the Roads card from my last GT here is leading to Roads - Flower- Coffin - Man - Clover which shows my decision of burying the memories of him behind, the good old days, and starting over with help of Clover, new found hope.

 The only man coming in my life (to right side) is Rider. The Ring lies next to him so he can be someone I will be in a legal relationship with. He is in house of Cross, he will be a test, a fate, karma. In house of Rider is Lilies, he can be someone wiser and mature, despite the fact Rider is someone younger.

This was really nice way to look at things since the course has changed in Five Months.

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