Friday, June 1, 2012

Daily Draw: May 31, 2012

Weather : Hot/Clear

Daily Draw May 31, 2012
Cards: Ring + Lilies + Child

Key Card: Ring

Key words: a contract, a connection, completion

Prediction: Ring + Lilies is my combination for an "affair" or a relationship which is solely based on sex. Since it is a daily draw and I'm expecting to hear from my project developer about the modules he was constructing for me, I'm hoping he will reply me by tomorrow. This will mean that a contract has reached maturity, or come full circle. The Child in the end is giving me a hint about a new connection possibly establishing. I also have Child in house of Ring this month.

What Happened in relation to cards:
The contract that existed between me and this man (Lilies) has actually reached maturity. I paid the final amount and he sent the deliverable. The Child card came in to play in the evening when I rang the actualy developer up and I asked for the help with that. He told me a few things which this Lilies guy did not tell me. It was a small clue, I have to dig more which I intend to over the weekend. They are both interconnected this is why they both are King and Jack of Spades. King and Jack together in a reading also suggest someone from past appearing again. This actually happened Yesterday when a friend from long long time ago all of sudden contacted me again. It was a daily so I will not read too much into that.

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