Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Do I know him?

I drew up a horary chart for this same question and I wanted to see if I can find a similarity between the answers here in cards too.

Q: Do I know the person I will be married to?

Fish - Letter - Book - Flower - Roads

Fish = As a person: dreamy, with elusive power of imagination, persuasive, charming, commercial, someone who loves contacts and to travel, someone enterprising, with open personality.
12th house, Pisces, subconscious matters

Letter= Communication, correspondence, emails, texts etc

Book = mystery, secret

Flower = pleasure, offer, gift, invitation, a Yes card

Roads = Choices, not knowing what to do, alternatives, indecision

The Book in the middle and the Fish card confirm the 12th house placement in Horary Chart I drew up for this question. He is someone mysterious, secretive to me.
The pages side of Book is towards Fish+ Letter which shows he has been communicating with me.
Letter + Book = news that you wanted to hide or agreement which must remain secret. Letter+Flower is happy correspondence. He likes talking to me. Our correspondence is a secret. The spine side of Book is facing Flower+Roads, which means he has not offered me yet, Flower+Letter is the invitation which is at right side of Book. This can be because he is not sure about this yet. why is he not sure? Roads + Fish tell me either he has some issue with finances or he is not sure at emotional level.

Overall, there are no negative cards in the spread, but there is no Yes card as well, except for Flower. Therefore, there is secrecy and mystery surrounding the spread. Even if I know him, he has not come out in open yet.

The base card: Tree = spiritual rooted connection. I have some deep past life connection with him, that is why the Fish card and he is present in 12th house in the chart.

Adding them together: 118 = 1+1= 28- Man- Its depending on him whether or not I know him. Or he has been represented by Man in my questions.

Using the NO-LAYOUT method:
Significator : Man

Mice - Key - Child - Man - Dog - Clouds - Clover

Presence of Key and Dog are confirming that I know him.
Present Situation: Child + Man + Dog
He is innocent, pure, somewhat childish, and he is a friend or at least he is friendly towards me. Child can be a new start as well, so right now he is giving a new start to our friendship.

Past to Present situation:
Mice - Key - Child
In the past situation has been worrisome and unsure because of his immaturity or an immature woman (is this me) involved in the situation. or our relationship has found a new potential for growth.

Present to Future situation:
Dog + Clouds + Clover
In future I see that our friendship will have some troubles, these troubles will be followed by small luck, which will also not be very favourable, because the dark side of the Clouds is towards Clover.

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