Thursday, January 12, 2012

Number of cards and time they take to manifest

I have experienced almost all spreads for Lenormand oracle readings and they have worked pretty well for me.
Here in this post I will explain the number of cards I drew for some reading and how long it took for manifesting:

Note: If you click on the number of cards, you will see an example reading as in how to use this number for that specific time frame.

1-3 cards = 1-3 days. I do daily draw of 2 cards and a clarifier IF I need one!

5-cards = for general question, questions which will be manifesting in a week, or within the same day, or questions which are not based on timing, sort of NOW kind of questions.

7- Cards = A week. they have worked perfectly for me for about longer than 10 weeks now.

9-cards = I use a Line of Nine for specific question, the 3x3 formation kind-of doesn't work for me. The results usually manifest in a month.

13 cards = This spread is given in Iris Treppner's course and it is said it covers a period of 3 months and one should wait for the predicted events to occur before laying the cards again. For me the cards in future position appeared for one reading , within 15 days.

36 Cards = They have worked well for answering different aspects of a situation, from a period of 1 month to a period of 4 months. I haven't done one for 6 months but I sure have done one for the year 2012, so if it works well in that domain, I will post it here.

These are different time frames with number of cards which I have experienced so far!

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