Monday, January 30, 2012

Whip+Lady; Lady+Scythe+Man

This was a very interesting incident when I drew these cards out for my daily draw last week.

The original three card draw was

Whip - Lady - Scythe

I saw myself being very aggressive and argumentative. I wanted to see who will be the victim of my hasty or ill-thought aggressive decision *evil grin* so I drew a clarifying card. Wooha, it was Man card. Someone was becoming a victim that day.

Whip is trouble, discussions that get heated, arguments, break-up, conflict and suffering here.

Lady is of course me.

Scythe is danger, cut at something, aggression, break-up

Man is of course someone around you.

Now the theme looks like fighting or breaking away and it looks like I'm the one doing it. To who, for this I pulled out the clarifier, which was Man.

I was having a meeting with someone that day and I knew I'd not fight. Why would I break up with him?

The result was that I actually ended up saying "I want to go home" because things did not work the way we had planned. I don't like when that happens so I was flipping a lot.

So when Whip and Scythe appear, you know you will snap.
Have fun learning! 

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