Thursday, January 26, 2012

Love Reading for December

Since this is the most hot topic for posing a question to the cards, therefore, I have done the reading with many spreads and when they manifested I wanted to share with others so that they can look for the signs cards are giving them. I used to do a line of nine for the specific questions for a month. 9 cards usually take about 4 weeks to manifest, therefore, I did one for November and then one for December. Since I fell in love in December, I had this reading in my journal which I did on Dec 3rd.

Q: Love Life General reading for December:
A: Scythe - Stars - Dog - Snake - Roads - Cross - Storks - Book - House

Roads in the middle tell me there is a new way, a choice, an alternative to the situation. Cross is nearby tells it won't be an easy choice and with Snake, there can be unexpected twists to the situation.

This kind of spread can be read as Past, Present and Future as well.
Past: Scythe - Stars - Dog
There was a cut off from a hopeful situation or a new path(Stars) with a friend (Dog).

Just in November I broke away from a friend of mine who had some soft feelings for me. We had some personal issues because of which we, actually I, cut ties with him.

Present: (December 3rd): A complicated path ends. Cross can be an end to a situation. On the other hand it can be a fateful choice which is complicated. I can choose to be happy on my own or keep looking behind and give myself the grieving.The Snake can be me as well, with Dog being helpful and protective and the Roads telling about my indecisive nature.

Future: Storks - Book - House
King and Queen of Hearts. This look like a couple, who need to discover or find out about each other. Storks can be change, which is coming from Cross, the burden I have been carrying so far, and its taking me towards discovering something about a family-oriented man(House). It can just be a feeling of being home, of being safe.

Adding them all: 156= 66 = 12- Birds. There will be a phone call, or communication with someone.

This spread is for the month when I fell in love and found my boyfriend. He was also someone I already knew, so Storks-Dog can be a change that was caused by him(someone I knew) and it happened so suddenly and instantly that House+Scythe make sense. We started talking on phone first (Birds) and the rest followed when he rang me the first time and we haven't stopped since then :)

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