Monday, January 30, 2012

Coffin+Book+Heart; Lenormand Small Combinations

This was a significant daily draw from yesterday.

Book is secret here for me. It can also represent studying, exam, apprenticeship etc, but here it is secret.

Heart is your love life, a love in your life right now, feeling, warmth and compassion.With the playing insert, it can be some loving and caring person as well.

Coffin is the pain, the illness, but the good part is its always presenting you with a new beginning. Death is just another form of life, re-birth and re-creation. If your love is giving you pain, it simply means you are provided an opportunity to make it last longer, stronger and better.

Book + Heart is a secret love. It can also be the love you don't know about or when you don't know what the other person is feeling.

Coffin + Book = This suggests there will be some pain coming out in open from hiding. Some revelation will make you sad and depressed.

In one line "Not knowing about one's feelings, will bring you pain"

What actually happened was that since after meeting my love, we have not had a chance to talk. Its so important to talk specially after a date, and about telling each other what you were feeling and all, but he has constantly been trying to talk to me but gets stuck up with things and when he's free I'm stuck up with things. I was expecting a lot about talking to him today since it was Sunday, but he ended up being stuck and we could not.The thing that was giving me pain was that I wanted to know what he's been feeling after meeting me and this is exactly what I can't feel.

I'm just hoping "This too shall pass".

Good luck with the week ahead!

P.S I forgot to add the base card I took a peek at, it was Sun. I have written about the Sun card and it is the most optimistic card in the deck and my personal favourite.

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