Friday, January 20, 2012

Small Lenormand Combinations: Roads + Child

I have been working on card combinations for a while and I will be updating a few which provided me with great information:

Here is the first one. This was my draw for 13 December when my boy friend asked for my number and rang me for first time.

Roads + Child.

22- Roads (Crossroad) = escape, alternative, another option, two, a choice, summing something up, indecision, a woman (Queen of Diamond) who is dependable and diligent.

If you carefully look at the Crossroads Card in this deck, you can see this is a point where two roads are converging and then dividing again into two paths. Therefore, it can be either coming to a conclusion after a decision has been made, or facing a choice.

13- Child : A young girl, something in budding, a matter starting fresh, something that has potential for growth, new, Youth (male or female).

When I looked this combination, I knew something new is going to happen, It can be a new path after I have travelled and made a decision what I want to do and now I will start a new journey. Child has never really represented me, therefore, I could not say it was me, but if the reader is really young, or immature, it can be representing him/her as well. This combination tells us that there is a new way to be adapted. You have to either stop here, keep yourself in dilemma, keep evaluating whether the choice you made in past was right or wrong, or you can simply move on to the new path and see what it brings for you.

I wanted to share this combination because this has brought me the love of my life and if I had held back or be indecisive about whether I should talk to him or not (we have an unconventional story, ahem) then I would be missing the best part of my life.

Happy Learning!

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