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GT for January 2012

I did the GT for January right in the beginning of the month, but I decided to look at it only when I have been done with it. This helps interpreting it more concisely.

Key - Tower - House

Birds-- Bear -- Anchor -- Heart -- Storks -- Ship -- --Clover -- Rider
Moon - Child -- Lilies-- ---Mice -- -Snake -- Man -- --Clouds -- Mount.
Whip -- Coffin - Tree ---- Book -- -House -- Sun -- ----Fox ----- Tower
Ring -- -Stars -- Scythe -- Flower -- Letter -- Roads -- LADY-- Garden

Cut Cards:
Key - Tower - House
This looks like there is affirmation for being independent and "at-home" with my independence.
This month I actually did take a new approach towards my life, feeling more confident and independent. I took lot many things in hand and I was being very comfortable in what in what I was doing. I feel strong and powerful.

First Three Cards:
Birds - Bear - Anchor
This looks like some nervous-ness or conversations with someone at work, a supervisor or a boss.

I'm not employed therefore, I will take the conversations I was having in terms of strong, protective and stable. The things which have always made me nervous like finding a job, doing something, internal conflicts, were somehow resolved and I feel at peace, very much stronger and stable.Bear in house of Clover was just an increase in luck and Anchor in house of longings, just placed everything at peace and grounded.

Corner Cards as theme of the Reading:
Birds + Rider + Ring + Garden
There can be two news, or two weddings to attend.

There was two people getting married this month. One wedding is actually next month but it was announced this month. So this one was pretty spot on.

Birds - Garden - Rider - Ring
There would be conversations at a public place and an offer for a contract or a young man in a contract.

I had many conversations with many people at my university this month. I made few new friends. There was no marriage proposal , but there is a young-looking man who is bound in a relationship, and he asked me out. That made me nervous a lot. Rider is in house of Coffin, so it is a negative news or a stressed man. Ring is in house of Ring. Birds in house of Rider, so there can be two news or a news that makes me nervous, and Garden in house of Success, public success and recognition. Oh and I just recalled, I had two dates offered by two men this month. Thus, the Birds can be two.

Fate Cards:
Fish - Cross - Dog - Key
I was very stressed financially. I needed to buy many things which I could not because I was out of money. I did end up with help from a friend whom I can count on.

Fish - Cross (Scythe - Flower + Storks - Ship)
Narrow financial path, shock caused by an offer, a change promises success
I did not get this at all when I looked at it but it was pointing to the bad stuff happening at a subconscious level. I was trying to endanger my own happiness due to some mental blockages (Fish-Cross) and I was not realizing that its my own happiness I'm endangering. Then I encountered a change which actually set me free. It was about just some emotional blockages. When Fish+Cross appears, make sure your mind is at peace, there is nothing that is disturbing you unconsciously because you might end up just eating at your self.

Dog + Key ( Letter + Roads - Anchor + Heart)

A friend one can count on. Message will give a decision. love for stability

Dog is in house of Anchor, this must be someone who is stable, someone determined. This is a friend of mine whom I can always count on. We did have some conversations which presented me with a choice. I had to take a decision and I did. I'm currently working on stabilising my love/affection for this person who is really devoted friend of mine. I really hope I can do something good for him in return too.

Analysing the Lady card:
I'm in house of Sun, and I'm very positive, happy and optimistic this month. Lady is in house 31, very past-oriented this month.
On my Head: Clover - Clouds - Fox
Justified hope, dangerous schemer, Illusive luck

Together they tell me I will be thinking about someone who is a liar and a dishonest person. I will be hoping that this is not the case.

This actually happened. I was thinking and was pretty much sure too, that he is a cheater and he is a schemer and he wants to put me to his advantage. This was happening till the very late of January. But then I ended up realising it was in my head only. I was being extra-cautious and it was making me indecisive(Roads) about meeting him (Garden).

Distant Past: Key
Waiting for things to take a turn. Being self-reliant. Finding the answers and solutions from destiny. Key in house of Fate. This was actually a test period for me, my distant past.

Recent Past: Ring - Stars - Scythe - Flower - Letter - Roads

a private connection, quick implementation, shocked by a surprise, an invitation, a message from a nice woman, which brings to an indecision

This has been the past so far. I fell in love very unexpectedly and Ring+Stars is the combination I had that week, it was a strong psychic connection which just happened, all of sudden it made me so happy. I did receive a message from a nice woman about this relationship and  I was standing at a cross road where I was supposed to make a choice, and I did, but the wrong one!

Recent Past: Heart - Snake - Sun
Very complicated, but lucky love. It makes me so happy despite all the pressures and detours and the complications involved.

Immediate Future: Tower
In house of love, this says very soon a love will be lost. There will be isolation in terms of love.

I did not lose a love, but we did had some ups and downs and did separate from each other for a while.

Farther Future:Garden
In house of Moon, it can be public success and public recognition. becoming popular.

I am a popular person, ain't I? This was about interacting with more people at an emotional level, which I did.

Following Analysis has been done at the end of the month:

Analysing Heart:
Heart is the symbol for love and warmth. It can generally represent your love life. Heart is in house of Home, comfort and privacy. This month I will be at home in terms of love. I'm finding peace and harmony(Lilies) in love which is very stable (Anchor). I feel complications are there (Snake) but I still feel like things will change for better (Storks).There will be a successful change (Storks+Ship).

Analysing Ring for this particular connection I have with this man:
Ring was in house of Commitments, so I was committed to this relationship this month. I was so committed that I really turned down another offer at last minute because I'm deeply in love with this man, even though no legal commitment exists between us. Surrounded by Whip - Coffin - Tree - and Stars, there were some arguments, some good days some bad days, we did try to break up(Whip + Coffin) once in between but its too strong a connection (Stars) to break (Tree). It feels like I'm connected to him at the roots of my nerves and I can't break away from him just like that.

Analysing Book for studies and exams:
Book in is house of Garden and I actually have been pretty regular at University this month. In house of Book is Stars which presents success for me. Heart-Mice has disturbed my studies a lot because I have been pretty much occupied by my love life these days and I have pretty much ignored my studies in first half of the month. I did not receive any appreciation letter (Flower+Letter) this month but I have been disappointed by a project document I was supposed to send before 30th Jan and I did. With House and Sun close-by I can expect some success I hope.

Analysing Man for my boyfriend:
He is in house of Fox and he has Fox close to him. In his house 28-Man is Flower. He actually is a VERY clever person and it amazes me how Fox often is closer to him.The Flowers tell me he has been very happy this month. He has been feeling good in love (Heart+Storks) and a bit worried because of his ex- (Mice + Snake). Clouds and Mountain have me guess that his pressures and problems are not over yet. These problems are directly related to his ex- who is still right behind him. There also is a warning about being careful at work (Fox-Tower) and in the very last week of January he did tell me he had some troubles at his work. But he always finds a way out. with Sun and House I hope he always feel good forever.

Using the Iris Treppner's 9 cards method:
Flower+Mice-----Cross-----Mount. + Garden

At my head is my love, at my feet is my college <3
In the past I have had some stress in facing public, and in future, there can be some uncomfortable situations or a cancelled date.

I did end up cancelling a date , so with Flower+Mice make sure you do what you want to do.

The questions I asked using picking up every fourth card and reshuffling method:
1. Ring + Stars= new connection, who is this connection with?
A: Cross - Mice - Flower
A loss that is happening for second time, when you cancel a plan.
It was about this guy with whom I cancelled my date for the second time, and now I'm actually curious if I actually have a psychic connection with him.

Q: What should I be cautious about (Fox)?
A: Garden + Book + Heart
A secret love going public, meeting secret love at public.
I guess this was referring to our date which went drastic because we ended up meeting at a place where we were surrounded by so many people and we wanted to bang our heads to the wall because we should have planned our date cautiously. This was SO true.

Q: What important decision do I have to make (Roads)?
A: Rider - Mountain - Tower
A negative message from authorities.

The only decision I had to make was whether or not to meet him at that place what he decided. I went by his plan and we ended up with a disaster date. We should have stick to my plan instead *nodding head*.

This was the month of January in nutshell, looking forward to February 2012 now !

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