Monday, January 30, 2012

New moon In Aquarius Reading

I started doing a New Moon reading about two new moons ago and they were not very successful, therefore, instead of Five cards, I tried Nine Cards. This draw covers time from one New Moon to next New Moon and tells about one significant event until then.

Fox - Moon - Man - Ring - Bear - House - Book - Child - Rider

These are too much to take in, I really am no good with too many cards, but I will try making one from this one.
Fox+Moon = Illusions, apparent success
Moon + Man = Sensitive emotional man
Man + Ring = man in a relationship
Ring + Bear = Strong relationship
Bear + House = home, security, mother
House+ Book = Secret home, secret from family, secret will be revealed to family
Book + Child = child/woman does not know, woman who is studying, secret with woman
Child + Rider = A new beginning brought on by a message.

This put together tells me , An illusion for a sensitive and emotional man who is bound in a relationship so strong and so comfortable, about keeping a secret about his correspondence with a young woman or is secretly visiting her.

This is very interesting situation and I would like to see how I get to know about this secret!

Update: I have realized it was me, the Child card. The Bear in the centre was the strength and the power I have got because of this relationship with my karmic soul mate. That relationship taught me many things. 
The Fox and Moon tells me I was too much into an illusion, I sniffed it out though. This relationship, a strong connection and the comfort I had with this man, taught me the importance of relationships in life. Since I learnt the secrets, I decided to move on, only more cautiously this time (Rider-Fox).

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