Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rider +Heart; love coming your way!

It was just a special day with all the 1's in it and I decided to do a special reading for that day.I'm just quoting the reading from my reading journal just to share the experience and how it came true for me!

My question was: What's the message of 11-11-11?
Key - Moon - Storks - Rider - Heart

This looked a very positive message. The key is an affirmative of a successful change where love comes my way. Storks can also be a woman here, and there are 4/5 cards from the Hearts suit , with the card 24-Heart present, I knew it brought a significant message my way.

After one month and 2 days of this reading, my boyfriend came in my life and we clicked instantly. Just after one month and seven days I was head over heels in love. Therefore, when Rider+Heart combo appears for you with other positive cards, you will know something is in the air !

Adding them together: 17-Storks, which clearly tells there was a change on way. I use to get 17-Storks a lot whenever I asked about my love life so watch for it. Storks always bring you something nicer and cool.

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