Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lessons of Life explained with Lenormand!

Whenever I meet someone significant or someone who brings something positive in my life, I take that person as a way of learning something from life. Everything, every relationship we have is meant to teach us something. I am so happy and so satisfied in this relationship, I had to know what I'm supposed to learn from this happy part of my life.

Q:What am I supposed to learn from this relationship?

Snake - Stars - Clover - Ship - Fish

Clover in the middle tell me 'm supposed to learn to be happy with small things. Cloverleaf is small happiness, short-term bliss, and I'm supposed to find this short-term bliss in hoping, dreaming and wishing (Stars) while feeling free to let go the sight of harbour (Ship) and getting out of my comfort zone to find something of greater value (Fish).

Snake is a card about Transformation, because they shed the skin and start a new cycle over. This tells me I should leave the older patterns behind and start to a new path (Stars) which will bring me happiness (Clover).

Clover + Ship + Fish tells me this is my lucky journey towards being independent and self-sufficient. Fish card is the card which has ship in it , water can represent emotions, Ship can be emotional journey towards self-fulfilment.

If I look at this spread in terms of classical Past, Present and Future spread, it tells me I have left the past behind and found a new path (Snake and Stars) and right now I'm blessed with happiness and joy (Clover). In the future, there will be a journey towards emotional self-sufficiency.

The base card was Scythe. Scythe tells me the whole lesson is based on letting go. I'm a kind of person who is not very good at this bit. I hate letting things go, but this is what my lesson is. I'm supposed to leave things behind and move on.

Adding all: 62 = 6+2 = 8-Coffin = Transformation. This relationship indeed here is to teach me about transformation and death as a way of starting over. When something dies, we are supposed to let it go and move on to the next thing. Death is just another form of life.

How I have loved the way this deck has answered my question. So true and so to the point!

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