Thursday, January 26, 2012

Timing Question!

I did this reading on January 2nd when my bf and I decided to set a date for our meeting for longer than just couple of hours. I did this spread to ask when we will finally do it.

Scythe - Moon - Fish - Ring - Child

This looked like it will be decided without thinking much, at night(Moon) and there will be some confusion about this since the relationship is relatively immature yet (Child).

In terms of timings:

Autumn - a Lunar Month (28/29 days) - Pisces (Feb-Mar) - Taurus (Apr-May)- N/A

Since Autumn is too far now in January, its unrealistic, late Feb will be too late but then the concerns would be resolved by then.
My guess was it would be in late Feb-March since Fish is in the middle.

Update: We ended up deciding the date of 28th Jan for that because February would be too late for us and we are not that patient . This gives us the time of a Lunar month, because its roughly about 26 days since from the time I did this reading. We did decide it VERY suddenly and I did cancel it 3 times. I have too many concerns about the relationship being too immature right now but we are meeting on 28th and its decided.

Lets hope for the best *fingers crossed*

UPDATE 28th Jan, 2012. We met, it took unexpected turns because things did not go how we planned them. Our moods were varying and there was so much emotional attachment during the entire meeting, it gave a whole new dimension to our relationship. The only bad part was the unexpected happening and my mood variations, which make sense with Scythe+Moon

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