Thursday, January 26, 2012

What he feels!

Here are some readings from my Journal which were quite on-spot so I wanted to share with you all wonderful fellow Lenormand Readers.

December 16,2011: When my bf and I just started talking to each other

Q: What does he feel about me? 
A: Letter - Storks - Birds - Roads - Tree

The Birds in the middle tell me he likes talking to me.
Letter =Communication, messages
Storks = A positive Change, something new, upward movement
Birds = communication, anxiety, nervousness
Roads  = escape, alternative, an option, choice
Tree = something long-standing, spiritual

Letter+Storks = message promises positive change
Storks + Birds = change in combination with difficulties
Birds + Roads = talking / discussing about decisions, many ways lead to a goal
Roads + Tree = decision that affects ones life

The story that I make from above statements is that he feels like talking to me, through text (Letter) or phone (Birds) bring him a change, which takes him towards a decision point (Roads) which affects his life (Tree).

It was later discovered that he actually started talking to me because he thought I would be a good distraction from the routine life, he liked talking to me, but later one he ended up making a choice that literally affected his whole life. He ended up falling for me and admitting it to me as well.

January 1,2012
After we were lovers:

Q: What does he feel about me?
A: Birds - Storks - Ring - Dog - Garden

Notice how the Birds are appearing in past position, and Ring is the middle card now. Ring tells me he feels strongly committed towards me.
Birds + Storks = change in combination with difficulties/changes through communication
Storks + Ring = changes in relationship (private / business / work), good changes caused by
a new contract
Ring + Dog = relating with a man
Dog + Garden = meeting /seeing a friend at an event

Story: He feels that the changes in our relationship brought on by the communication we have, has changed things the way he interacts with people around him.

This was the case because he was spending more time with me than he was spending with anyone at all and he also really wanted to see me more often. 

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