Friday, December 2, 2011

Line of Nine for work

I am expecting a news from the company I have applied in for a job and there hasn't been a news so far therefore, I did a Line of Nine for this.9 cards are usually going to take one Month to manifest in real world.

Storks - Anchor: Storks + Fish
There will be a change, a new job, a change in finances. Anchor+Stars:Anchor+Ship tells me this job is what I have been hoping for but it will restrict my movement a lot. Stars+Tree:Stars+Birds tell me this is what I have been wishing for a long time and this is what has been keeping me nervous. Stars+Birds is always night time for me, so I might be discussing it with someone at night. Tree+Key looks like some patience will result in an answer or the answer has been delayed.
The Clouds in the middle are definitely showing my confusion because I don't know whats going on in the Head Office. Key+Tree shows that the answer is: be patient. There is slowness in the matter. Birds+Stars; Birds+Ship tell me that I will be longing for the answer or this job for a while. Ship+Anchor;Ship+Fish, finally I will head home and answer will surface finally with Fish+Storks.
Using Traditional method:
Past: Storks+Anchor+Stars+Tree : there has been a change in employment or a change that made me more stable, and this makes me wish for a long-term growth.
present: Clouds: I'm not sure about my direction and I do not know what is going to happen
Future: Clouds +Key +Birds+ Ship + FIsh
A confused answer which will make me call someone far away to find the answer which is not apparent with all the confusion cards surrounding the Key. In future I see someone from far away helping.  It can be me going to the other city for the test which is required to be taken.
Using Another method posted by a fellow member:
Storks+Anchor+Stars: A change brings the Job I have been wishing for
Tree +Clouds + Key : a delay with confused answers
Birds +Ship +Fish: A phone call from far away will clear things up.The Fish to me is the surfacing out of blurriness, or things that are usually "under the pile" coming on top , therefore, I think its a great answer.

Update: This was a reading from first week of December. On December 14th I had an interview with a foreign company (Ship+Fish). This was a health related services company, thus the Tree.+Key I was asked to join on 26th December and I quit the training on December 29. This whole scenario happened within a week. The Clouds in the middle were keeping me confused as to "is this what I want" and I was so nervous (Birds) that I ended up fleeing (Ship). The reason was Anchor + Ship, it was restricting and restraining my freedom which I do not like at all. 

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