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GT about particular area; Part II (Updated and done with)

I have already done one here and it was so on spot I was tempted to do one more for next four months.

House -- Tree -- Storks -- Stars -- child -- Cross -- Clouds -- Coffin
Tower -- Dog -- Letter -- --Fox ----Moon -  Ring --- Man ---  - Rider
Heart ---Mount--Snake---Ship--- - Birds-- Sun --  Mice ---- Whip
Key  --- Anchor--Roads--Flower--Scythe--Bear--Garden---Fish

The Cards I drew after shuffling the36 cards and dividing them into three piles from left to right were:

First Three cards as Theme of reading:
House + Tree + Storks

Tree represents karmic connection or something deep rooted in terms of love and romance. Here the thing I noticed first of all is that there is King of Hearts and Queen of Hearts and they have a deeply-rooted connection. Looking combination-wise, it could be a comfortable long-term connection which brings changes. (positive combination).

These four months, my life was more surrounded by things at home, in my personal development and growth as a person. Lots of changes have occurred in these 4 months on the love front as well.

Corner Cards:
House + Fish = A financially stable man. Comfortable zone in terms of emotions.
Coffin + Key = a destined ending.
House+ Coffin = Stress/pain in one's private space
Key+ Fish = financial success, unlocked emotions

This looks like an ending or some sort of positive changes (even if they are apparently painful) will result in a success  at an emotional level.

I could not believe how accurately I predicted this one. My previous short-term relationship/affair/romance , I don't know if we have a name for that, ended, and it was very predictable yet very sudden but I was amazed that I was not as hurt as I had thought I would be. There was something strange about this experience. It was hurting, but I survived it like no other break up before. It was more like as if I was meant to learn something from this. A meaningful lesson, yes that's what I would like to call it. The Key was very important in house of Ring, because this relationship unlocked something in me. Something I did not know before (Book in house of 33-Key). 

House + Coffin + Key + Fish
A transformation in the house which brings some financial success. Something in the personal life will end, bringing some subconscious and emotional fulfilment.
Fate cards:
Book - Lady = I can somehow sense that this card Lady is not me. Its some other woman. Someone I don't know about. She can be a part of me which has not made itself known yet.

Book + Lady (Roads + Flower - Child + Cross)
It looks like there is a woman who is having a secret or is very studious and she finds a pleasant alternative which takes her to a new beginning which is fated for her.Its a burden which she has to carry on her own.With Flowers here, I cannot take this as negative but its something I cannot say anything about yet.

Lily + Clover (Scythe + Bear - Storks + Stars)
This is positive. There is a man who is successful, he is someone who is not in a safe position with scythe attacking him. He is however having a change soon.

Book + Lady + Lilies + Clover
It looks like there is a woman who is well educated and wise, and she find a little hope and luck around her.

I had two cards for learning in this row. Book and Lily. Book is more like what you learn and Lily is more like what you experience. Both however say wisdom which is learnt, knowledge which comes from knowing or experiencing something. The fate line clearly says that I had some learning to do in the department of love in these four months. It made me stronger, wiser and more mature than I ever was. Thus, ending the period on a more positive and hopeful note. 

Taking a Look at Lady: 
On top of her (her because I don't know, I feel like its not me), is Roads + Flower+ Scythe, she all of sudden finds a happy and pleasant alternative. Surrounded by Book and Lilies, she finds knowledge and wisdom, or a very wise mature man (Book + Lilies).

She is in house of Fish, she is engulfed with her emotions right now. (well, now this sounds like me a little bit). In house of Lady is Scythe, which shows she might cut off from something or take abrupt decisions.

I know why I was in the house 34-Fish, because I was meant to feel many things these months. I felt so many emotions from ecstasy to depression, from laughter to tears and I learnt so many lessons. What was out of my control was a parting, a separation from those people who once were my options. I would turn to them when I would, and then I decided not to use them as my options any more because I'm anything but a hypocrite. This is the reason why I took those decisions which were abrupt, impulsive, but wise and I feel satisfied because I'm not playing with anyone's emotions any more.

Using Counting: Storks - Coffin - Moon - Mountain - Mice - Flower - Book
There is a negative change, at emotional level, which brings blockages, but these blockages won't last (Mountain + Mice) and there will be some pleasant secret revealed.

Taking a Look at Man:
On top of him is Cross+ Clouds +Coffin and at bottom he has Mice and Whip.This sounds much like him because he is badly troubled. He's in house of Bear, which shows his strengths, and in his house is Flower, which shows his pleasant company. In the past, he had Cross+ Ring + Sun, a relationship he cannot break, while he remains optimistic about it. In present, he cannot think clearly, his head is not clear with Clouds at top, and he is stealing , with Mice at bottom. With Coffin, it looks like something is going to end for him in future.Coffin + Rider + Whip, it looks like a news will make him break up or argue with someone.In the Past, there was Sun- Scythe - Lady, is this how he coincidently and unexpectedly met me?
Using Counting: Ship- Key - Bear - Lilies - Stars - Tower - Ring
He will be having a successful movement towards a strong and supportive person. He will get the recognition and support he needs from his relationship.This is someone he has a spiritual connection with (Stars+ Ring).

Its been three months since I have heard from him, but I think about him everyday. Not in a bad way or desperate way, in a good way. He made me feel some wonderful things. He made me realize so many things about myself I will be grateful to him forever.
So we met, we fell apart and we broke each other's heart. The reasons and the breakup is already very very obvious with the cards around him. He was not sure what to do (Clouds), he had his hands tied (Ring), he was too unstable to stay (Rider) and he was being eaten up insides because the idea of stealing and his bad karma coming back to his kids was making him stressed (Mice).
So we mutually and successfully ended it (Cross-Clouds-Coffin).

Looking at Heart:
Heart in house of changes, there seems like a change in love life. In house of Heart is whip, there are arguments and breakups involved. House - Tower - Heart - Key looks like There will be some comfortable and supporting love coming along and it will be new (key).
Dog and Storks diagonals show there is a friend, who brings a change. I like to see Dog closer to me or Heart, because it shows this is someone who is loyal and can be a lover.With Mountain right next to the Heart, I feel bad because it looks like I won't be able to express myself very well.
Using Counting: Sun - Roads - Fish - House - Cross - Letter - Rider
There is a happy way towards emotional comfort which will bring a fateful message from a man.

Heart is in house of Storks, changes so definite change came. In house of Heart was Whip which is an indicator of falling apart. Immediately after the break up someone showed up as a supportive friend and he did help me a lot in that phase when I was not sure what I should do after my ex lover left my life.The Tower, Mountain are negative cards for Love around Heart, so I have mostly been unable to reconnect to another person on an emotional level since after he left. but I did learn some life long lessons (Anchor-Book).

Looking at Ring:
Cross - Ring - Sun - Bear = It looks like there is a relationship which is so meant to be, and it makes me feel so positive and so strong, and this is exactly what the truth is. I have never felt like this ever.
However, in future, it looks like the Man will be acting unpredictable and give me stress (Mice). I just looked at combinations for Clouds + Man and it can mean two men as well. Probably this is where the Dog card comes in right closer to Heart. Ring is in house of Fox, I need to remain very very warned of this relationship, specially with Fox lying closer to the Ring as well.

Using Counting: Snake - Whip - Scythe - Lady - Storks - Cross - Coffin - Moon
There is a break-up, now if that is for me or for the Other woman, I don't know. But something will end badly (Cross+Coffin) ending in something very bad emotionally (Moon).

Ring being in house of Fox made me be very cautious about relationships, even those which had some strong chance of becoming long-term. I decided that if I'm not getting what I want then I should not settle for something I do not want. In house of Ring is Key, and in house of Key is Book, so this relationship did teach me something worth it, something important. The good news is that next to Key is Anchor - Roads and Flower so I;m sure the decisions I took these four months were the right ones. 

Taking out every 4th card, I have 9 cards and shuffling them and using them to answer a question, I got these:

Next is using the 9 cards following a method mentioned in Treppner's course. (Its explained at bottom of this reading).

--------------Fish - Rider ----------
Whip - Stars----Fox-----clover-Coffin

The Fox shows that I am being all cautious, and I'm thinking and sniffing grounds before moving on to new stuff. The head is thinking about a man (Rider is my Man) and Fish, he is a banker so Fish almost every time follows him.At the foot, I'm having a pleasant journey. In terms of romance, Ship can be your movement along the waves of emotions.
In the Past there has been a luck which brought me pain. This relationship I'm in right now is quite painful, but very complete at the same time. The Coffin tells me that something ended, and it brought me something new which makes me happy (Clover).
In the future position, there is Whip+Stars. This looks like a spiritual communication/message which can turn things heated.With Stars for hoping, I do not think its anything negative.

Update for January:
Book: Secrets, discovering something.
House -- Tree -- Storks -- Stars -- child -- Cross -- Clouds -- Coffin

January was giving me a feeling of safety, security and feeling rooted (Tree). This brought some changes in my head (Storks+Stars) which brought a fated new (child) beginning. This was painful(Cross+Clouds+Coffin) and its sending lots of throwbacks and hindrances my way, but I made my way through. The thing is that with Coffin things are painful, but only in short-term. If you stay positive and learn (Book) from the experience, the journey is well worth it. I have wrote about Cross- Clouds-Coffin combo before as well, these three cards together restrict you and stress you, but its always temporary because the Clouds and Coffin both are short-term. 

Update for February:
Lady: This month was more about me trying to be myself.
Tower - Dog - Letter - Fox - Moon - Ring - Man - Rider
I was feeling darn alone (Tower) this month but a friend (Dog) helped and supported a lot. We had many conversations (Letter) , usually texts, but I was too much on my guard this month (Fox). I was still worried and thinking, rather dreaming (Moon) about this man who was so tied up in his own complications (Ring-Man) but the end of the month got me moving (Rider).

Rider is in house of dreams and hopes, and that is what I'm hoping for, Stars are in house of House and House in house of Rider. This is this guy who has brought me a new spirit and a new hope. He is really kind and generous and makes me comfortable.

Context was: Storks - Letter - Snake - Roads
The change was coming through communication which let me to take a decision, instead of being on a shaky twisted road, I decided to move on. This month however, was full of ups and downs.
Stars - Fox - Ship - Flower
The dreams were encouraging (Stars) but I was too cautious and warned (Fox) sailing alone and moving (Ship) towards happiness and meeting new people (Flowers).

Update for March:
Lilies: This month was all about learning from the past experiences and moving on with a triumph of having learnt from the bad ones. This was a quiet month where I was being myself.
Heart ---Mount--Snake---Ship--- - Birds-- Sun -- Mice ---- Whip

I did feel that things were static and not really moving in terms of love and that was very depressing. I had some trouble(snake) with a person who always reminds me of the Ship card. There was lot of exchange of texts and phone calls (Birds) which brought me some energy (Sun) but I ended up losing some of the arguments(Whip). 

I experienced some new and fresh perspective about my own feelings through the chit chat I have had with this new friend of mine. I ended up taking a decision. 
Cross- Ring-Sun-Bear
I actually ended two potential relationships this month. One of them was with this Bear guy. (Scythe-Bear).

Update for April:
Clover: This week was all about having faith, having a glimpse of hope and staying positive.
Key-Anchor-Roads-Flowers-Scythe - Bear - Garden - Fish

This month I was pre-occupied with the thoughts of some tough lessons going on. I was meant to realise the importance of (Key) and long-term effects (Anchor) of choices we made in our lives (Roads). Because sometimes we end up hurting those people who were there for our own good (Scythe-Bear-Garden-Fish).

I have been so worried about myself this month that  did not even care to see who the Man was.

Had some arguments with a person with whom I have signed up for a project already. He is someone I'm already mad on.

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