Monday, January 30, 2012

February week 1

Weekly Draw for Jan 30 - Feb 05

Tree - Clover - Roads - Cross - Sun - Ring - Fox

The Cross in the centre has never been my best experience. It usually leaves me burdened. It is said what is to the left is ceasing, Roads on the left tell me my options are limiting now, I won't be having any choice to get out of it. But what is to the right side is what's in store, and is meant to happen. Sun tells me success is coming my way now.

The Cross in the middle actually made me cry several times this week. I found myself utterly depressed. Several times I thought of ending things with my bf, had several arguments and it was a bad week over all.

First half:
Tree - Clover - Roads
Tree is illness, rootedness, spirituality. With Tree+Fox I should be careful about my health this week.

Clover is luck, small happiness, something good, nice surprises, Clover+Ring can be a continuing luck.

Roads are our options, choices and also a decision to be made. with Sun in reflection, its something which is leading to good.

Together they tell me Some illness will be resolved bringing me to a decision point.The clover is making me feel good, but Roads with Cross is not a good sign at all.

The Tree is said to be a good sign when its near the cards with Trees, like Roads,Garden etc. The decisions I wanted to make for my spiritual and healthy well-being were blocked with Cross at the end. Also the Cross is the point of transition from past to future, everything before Cross is what ends. The spiritual well-being (Tree+Clover) took me to a point where I cannot find a way out now (Roads + Cross).

Second half:
Sun + Ring + Fox

Sun is happiness, success, energy and optimism

Ring is something you are totally committed to . It can be anything, a relationship, a contract legally binding you, a cause you are devoted towards.

Fox is lies, betrayals, deceit and cleverness.
a week before last I had Sun+Ring and my relationship was going very smoothly even though we had ups and downs before. Iris Treppner says Sun can represent true love as well. With Ring I'm thinking about our relationship, and how it makes me happy. Ring is,however, followed by Fox. This clearly tells me I need to investigate things. There is something here which needs investigation. Its very strange because the Fox is catching my attention regarding my relationship with this man, but then I just tell myself, he is really clever that is why Fox is appearing. Here, with Ring, I'm definitely curious if the relationship is based on lies of some kind !

Now the problem is that my relationship is stuck between my caution (Fox) and my optimism (Ring). Ring+Clover makes it a happy and lucky relationship, with double energy (Sun+Roads) but the Fox+Tree keeps a nagging on my mind that I should keep a check on the things about which I was never suspicious before.

Adding them together:135 = 45 = 9-Flower. Its a pleasure and a relief to see this. Flower always brings happiness, invitation or some gift. I'm all set for this week now *relieved*

The Flowers is a mixed card with flowers of various colours and kinds. This is how my week passed. I had several moods, there were good days, bad days, (and rainy days) and it somehow passed and left me with a good note that no matter what, time goes on!

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