Sunday, December 25, 2011

New Moon Reading-Dec24,2011

I did a reading on last new moon about the major happening till next new moon. The basic purpose is to find out the time frame a certain number of cards cover. Some people use 5 cards for a daily reading, but for me even 2 cards have served the purpose and they did good. I have seen 5 cards given a more direct answer for more direct questions, where answer is not necessarily time dependant.

Fish - Mice - Child - Man - Cross

The Child in the middle talks about new beginning or something that has a potential for growth. It looks like there is a man who is immature and he is worried. His worries are about some financial narrow passes.Or it can be a woman who is naive and with a worried man (Man+Mice) and things look painful between them. The Cross at the end shows things will end between them, or for a man they will end.

Adding all of these: 34 + 23+ 13+ 28 +36 = 134 = 44 = 8 = Coffin

Not a good sign at all. Lots of worry with Mice, Cross and Coffin. I hope everything remains fine at all ends because I cannot let anything ruin anything for me at this point.

Update: This was a real messy situation. We are having emotional problems, and they are deep and painful (Fish+Cross). He was too much stressed and worried because of the burden he is carrying around.He finds himself at a crossroad where he cant have it and can't let it go as well.

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