Monday, January 9, 2012

January 2012 Week 2

January 8 - January 14

Clouds - Dog - Man - Tower - Mice - Cross - Rider

Tower in the centre is telling me this is a lonely week. I might be alone for the most of the time. Man -Tower tells me its a man feeling left out. The Mice on the other hand is eating up at the Tower, reducing the tension , yet stressing him out because he's in reflection.

First Half:
Clouds - Dog - Man
Its a friend,who is not sure what he is doing. This can also be two men, father and son, having some friendly time together. Even in reflection, there is lots of stress throughout for a man, or two men.
Update: He really was unsure. He was unsure because he did not know what he was doing with becoming friends with me was acceptable (Tower) or not. That is why he was keeping himself away from me.

Second half:
Mice - Cross - Rider
A repeated loss, a bad news, a fateful news. Rider has often represented a man as well, looks like this week is full of stress and there is someone very stressed, a bad news is coming, for second time.

Update: Lets call it a bad week. It was actually full of the time when you suddenly realize things are not right. The feeling of repetition arrived twice when I realized that I was trying to push myself back to the place where I originally had started my journey from.The last day of the week was characterized by me going out and finally having some fun!

The spades are challenging right in the middle, while suit of Hearts and Clubs is present in equal number.
Adding all numbers: 131 = 41 = 5 = Tree, delays, growth, ripening, illness.
Emotional challenges would be a better description. The Tree was keeping me down and depressed. Besides I started exercise, diet and medicine, just trying to take more care of myself health-wise.

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