Saturday, January 28, 2012

What was expected and what Happened!

Jan 25, 2012

I was having this meeting with someone and I did a reading for how it would go and the result was pretty clear.

Q: What should I expect on this day?
A: Coffin - Clouds - Roads - Moon - Ship

Coffin = Transformation, illness, disruption, end
Clouds = hindrances, throwbacks
Roads = decision, option, alternative
Moon = success, recognition, appreciation
Ship = journey, longing

Coffin + Clouds = There is something in the air
Clouds + Roads = Be careful with your decision
Roads + Moon = way of success
Moon + Ship = longing in night, longing for success and appreciation

The case was that Coffin+Clouds+Roads part was what lead to Moon+Ship part. Coffin+Clouds+Roads was clearly telling me that there can be negative hindrances, there can be disruptions because of unpredictable events and that whatever decision is to be made very carefully, but things totally turned out wrong and they totally were not what was planned, one wrong decision spoiled the whole day. Therefore, take this as a warning that


are very bad indicators. So when they appear in your reading, make sure you have planned each and every alternative very carefully and that you are not missing out on even a tiny bit of detail, because very minute detail will spoil everything later and you might end up having a bad day, lots of stress and negative answers to your prayers.

Good luck with Coffin and Clouds :)

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