Thursday, January 12, 2012

How I read my daily draw

I started learning this deck with daily draws. First I started pulling out 3 cards, reading them as 1+2, 2+3, 1+3 and getting information. Later on, being tempted by the idea of learning more about rest of the cards (three not being enough) , I started pulling out 5 cards for one day. This gets hectic after a while because I thought I was assigning my meanings to the cards, according to whatever happened that day, instead of learning about the true meanings of each card which should manifest in my day. That was when I started pulling out 7 cards for each week. It is also said in Iris Treppner's course that 1-3 cards take usually 1-3 days for manifesting. Therefore, using 1-2 cards for each day makes sense. Besides I like working out on their combinations, like how Dog +Heart is different from Heart + Dog.

Therefore, I started taking out 2 cards, occasionally a third clarifying card since December 13,2011 and so far it has worked really well for me. On the other hand 7-cards weekly draw works well as for the whole week too.

Here is how I do it:
Before going bed every night, I take out my journal, enter the date for next day, then I shuffle the cards clearing my mind. After that I spread the cards in a half-circle in front of me and close my eyes. From then on, I follow my guts to pull out two cards.

I turn the cards over and try to make a combo out of the two cards.

Dog + Lilies

This is a friend/a loyal lover, who is older and wiser. I would call it lover because Lilies can be an affair/a lover too, a with Dog it is someone who is loyal to me and protective about me.

I decided to pull out a clarifier, because that would explain: what about him?
So either I'm meeting him, or we will discuss something on-line (because Garden has often represented social networking sites for me) or its something to do with people around us.

Next day, I ended up figuring out that my lover (Lilies) wanted a friendly opinion (Dog +Lilies) about how he should handle people he deals with. He was pretty much upset because of how people spread wrong words about him and when I was advising him on how not to be bothered, he said I was his best friend and the way he can talk to me he has never talked to anyone closer before.

So this is how you can pull out two cards, for your day and then take out clarifier as many as you want, but the lesser the better specially if you are a  newbie like me!

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