Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Storks + Letter + Lilies

This one was for today:

Storks are one of my most favourite cards in the deck. They used to appear a lot for me when my life was transforming at so many different levels and they are the bringers of good news, improvements, good changes in life. Storks bring some nice upward movements in life, some increase, a change which is nice, depending on surrounding cards.

Letter is an email, a message, a document, usually a message as a general statement will do it. 

Lilies is a lover if you are in love, or an important man in your life. My boyfriend has been represented by Lilies often, therefore, my thoughts automatically go towards him when I see this card.

Storks bring an improvement, a change or something better. What will bring this change/improvement? The Letter at centre looks like a significant message, From who? The card to right describes. Its a message from a lover, or an older/wiser man. It can be a piece of advice as well.

What happened was that I thought Lilies was my bf and I expected some happy news, some significant message from him, but nothing. He was busy for most part of the day and when he did talk to me, there was so much negativity going on in my head, it just was not the Storks+Letter moment.

After that, a friend of mine, who also happens to be a secret admirer (I don't have him considered as a lover though) brought some nice changes to my mood. He actually just text chat with me and try to resolve the situation and that turned my mood instantly better.

  1. When 17-Storks appear, look for a change
  2. When 27-Letter appear, look for a significant message
  3. When 30-Lilies appear, its not necessarily your boyfriend or lover, it can be some sincere wise advisor kind of friend too.

Good luck with the Storks and hope they bring positive changes for everyone who have them in their draw for today!

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