Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Week 4; January 23- January 29

Scythe - Rider - Lilies - Key - Man - Coffin - Tree

The Key in middle tells me something fated is going to happen, but it will be something good. Key+Man tells me a solution will come from a man, who is stressed (Coffin) and older (Lilies).  Key + Lilies tells me its some wiser and peaceful balancing solution.

Update: Yes whatever happened this week was meant to happen. The things I was nervous about last week were all resolved and the resolution mainly came from my Boyfriend, who is often closer to Lilies (He is wiser and more mature than me). He has been pretty much stressed lately (Coffin).

First half: Scythe - Rider - Lilies
It looks like an unexpected news from a older man. Lilies has often times represented my boyfriend. With Rider its can be him and I might get an unexpected new from him.Scythe+Rider and Rider+Coffin both indicate a negative news or a man in danger.

During the first half of the week we had some arguments and we cancelled our date.

Second half:
Man - Coffin - Tree

This looks like someone is falling ill. Its a bad sign since I'm to meet my boyfriend next week and if its him falling ill its really really bad.
I hope he is fine forever

He did not fell ill, but he did get lost, and got upset over many things. He was so depressed he said he wanted to die. This was all temporary and he was feeling fine after a day.

Adding them: 115 = 25-Ring. It looks like there is a strong commitment-oriented week I have on hand. I'm having my exams coming up next week and this is totally appropriate.

It was not about exams, it was about my connection with him which just got stronger for us. 

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