Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week 3: January 15-21

Weekly Draw:

Sun + Ring + Snake + Tower + Anchor + Clover + Garden

This looks like the relationship of this independent and determined woman is going to shine while she has all the luck on her side.

The Snake card as a Lady was standing out to me through and through.

Sun is my lucky-charm card. Whenever it appears for me, I know something good is going to happen.
Even though this is my second week having Tower card in centre, yet this time its surrounded by all the positive cards,  it does not look like spreading any negativity.

With the Tower card, I do believe that Snake card was representing me. The Tower card gave me enough strength to fight things when they came!

First Half:
Sun + Ring + Snake
A complicated relationship is making me happy.
Despite the complications, there is a continuous happiness surrounding the Ring.Sun is my positive card.

When the weak started me and my boyfriend had almost broke up the night before. But right after 12hours we were talking to each other again. Besides all the problem, troubles, complications, We love each other and I just cannot emphasize the fact that its been the happiest relationship of my life.
Second half:
Anchor + Clover + Garden
This looks like I will have some luck/success with socialising or it can just be my facebook.

We finalized our date and are looking forward to it. other than that it was a happy week.

Overall: Counting the numbers and adding: 139 = 49 = 13-Child. With two Aces and Child as the combined number Card, I think this week is important in terms of something important which is long term.
However there is a dominating suit of Spades which pose challenges.

The new beginning could have been in the way that I started being rational, after a long time. I started taking care of myself and I like it because it gives me a new positive energy.

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