Saturday, January 14, 2012

When the Sun Shines!

31-Sun is my most favourite card in the deck because it makes me happy. Like there is a hope that nothing can darken things in presence of this card. Sometimes we get very negative cards surrounding this card, yet this card usually makes us happier than we initially thought we would be given the negativity surrounding it.

I got this card with my second most feared card, Roads, because Roads usually puts you in a dilemma and I hate being there. I hate the feeling of not knowing what I should do!

My draw for the day was Sun + Roads. It looks like I will be happy about making a decision. It can be multiple success as well, but the Roads were still showing me what I was scared of , parting ways.
I drew a clarifier, what this could be about, and got Child. This reminded me of the day I drew Roads + Child combo and the very day I met my boyfriend. Roads+Child means a new alternative, a new path starts, you have the choice whether or not you want to take it, but you can expect a new choice or option.

These two cards appearing together again, along with Sun made me doubt the fact that there night be a new beginning coming today.That is what happened. It was a day when I had a wonderful day full of new stuff, I got some family pictures done, got a new hair cut, and got a text message from my friend which said he could not do it any more, he wanted to end our friendship.

Well, that should have made me sad, but it did not hurt that bad as it would have IF the Sun card had not been there. This has been the effect of Sun card on my day that I was so optimistic, happy and energetic about everything, that I was sure that none of the decisions I make today can go wrong. They did not!

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