Thursday, January 26, 2012

No layout readings!

I have been experimenting with the No layout method in which you shuffle the cards and then locate the card in the deck and take out appropriate number of cards preceding and succeeding the significator.

I asked this question about my romantic relationship. This Question is from January 11 in my Journal.

Q: Where is this relationship heading?
A: Significator= Ring

Rider - Ring - Key - Dog - Lilies

Past: Rider = a new, message, young man, a boy friend

Future : Key - Dog - Lilies
The Key card tells me that this relationship is going to be reliable one, I can count on his loyalty and his wisdom, which makes him very dear to me.

There is not much of details in this spread, its very to-the-point kind and its mostly true as well. He is very loyal towards me and I can totally rely on him.

January 13,2012:

To check out the No Lay out readings spread, I asked a few questions and analysed them. I don't know about their accuracy since its not manifested yet, but hope they do.

Q: How will I recognize my Significant Other?
A: Significator = Man

Child - Scythe - Ring - Man - Snake - Ship - Tower

Past: In his past, he has been with a young woman which was a broken relationship.
Future: He will be with a woman, probably a mistress, who is freedom-loving and independent and this association will be long-lasting. Look at the Ship sailing Towards  Tower. This shows that Man and this woman, will be moving towards something long-lasting or something absolute independent.

Q: Where is he right now?
Significator = Man

Roads - Cross - Tower - Man - Lady - Rider - Clover

wait, is he with me right now? Apparently this is what the cards tell.He made a painful choice, which made him isolated/independent, and now he is with a sporty,active woman, happily. I'm sure this is me because where else would he be!

Q: Will we be married?
A: Significators: Man and Lady

Clover - Lady - Flower - Man - Birds

They just appeared like this together. I have luck on my side and he is nervous. Whats holding us together is the romance and the beauty of the relationship. Marriage or no marriage, whatever it is , its beautiful and pleasant for both of us.
This can also mean there is another woman between us which is keeping us away from each other.

January 24, 2012:
Q: What will happen between us on our date?
A: Significators= Lady and Man

Ship - Man - Bear - Lady - Child

Bear stands right between us. This shows that something very strong and powerful will be happening. He is travelling to meet me, therefore the Ship is behind him, and I'm being naive about the matter, so Child is there. It will be make me feel young and immature and him feel stronger and protective.
Its really amazing how the Man and Lady cards changed position in above question and this one. It looks like on matter on marriage, we have different opinions.While whatever will happen on our date will actually make us conform to our comfort and our strength together. It will connect us strongly.

Update: We met and it has bound us together strongly. I feel a strong love for him. I was being very very happy like a child and he was being very supportive towards me. I don't know if Bear can represent an authoritative person but there was someone who tried to (and actually succeeded) in spoiling our date. Things went a lot unexpected but it was over all a wonderful experience for both of us.

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