Friday, January 20, 2012

Trigger Layout by Madam SeaQueen (Updated)

Declaration: This Spread originally belongs to Madam Seaqueen. You can see the positions here and an example done by herself here.

I love trying new spreads. Here I am with something new to try my hands on. I would like to do this for this love relationship I have with this man and see what comes up.

I initially had been using 25-RING as a key card for this relationship since we both are so committed towards each other, but later I realized that 25-RING is more of a binding, while what we feel for each other is a strong affection, but nothing proper or legal, for that matter, exists between us. Therefore, for this spread I will use 24-HEART to get accurate results. If the 25-RING appears nearby that will give me better answer.

Past: Key - Clouds - Roads
There had been some destined obstacles and uncertainities. clouds looks like him, because he was not sure what he wanted to do. Eventually we had a choice whether or not to continue it. the Key card tells me whatever it is, it was meant to happen. there are uncertainities, but we always had a choice and we chose what we wanted.

Present: Ship - Heart - Lady
So here I am having a lovely journey, I'm in love and it sets me free. I feel so good. There are some confusions and some longing because he is physically away, but the idea itself is very tempting. The idea of being in love. With Roads closer to me, it shows that I could have taken a different path, but I'm being indecisive or that I'm looking for my options, specially the way Lady is facing the Roads , like she is trying to find a way she wants to go on.

Immediate Future: Cross- Scythe - Moon
This looks like there is hand of fate at work here. This will bring some sudden jolt of reality. The way we are being illusionary in the moon-lit romantic dream-like life, this illusion will end suddenly. It will be painful, but at the same time its meant to happen.There will be a swinging mood of us both which is because of the cross we have to bear.

Soon: Lilies- Bear - Fish
This relationship will mature. We will get past the phase where things are dream-like but in the end this love will only grow, peacefully. Lilies have often represented him. Lilies can be an affair as well. The Bear and Fish cards are money-related cards and they represent increase or growth. There will be peace, growth, strength and emotional abundance in this relationship.However, at the same time, these can be two men as well.

The Trigger Row: Clouds - Heart - Scythe - Bear
There has been confusion in the past, we are not sure what to do, but in near future, we will make a sudden decision, a decision that will give this relationship more strength with BEAR in the end.

Update: I don't know how I forgot to update this one. The reading was right, specially with the scythe. This reading was done on 20th Jan and soon after that, like 20 days after this, we broke up. It was painful (Cross) but suddenly (Scythe) things became clear (Scythe-Moon). I did get lot of power and strength (Bear) from this relationship though. It was like I became me again. 
The Trigger row worked like a charm, we started as unsure (Clouds), we broke up(Scythe) and we grew stronger (Bear) from the experience.

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