Sunday, January 1, 2012

Jan 1- Jan 7, 2011 Weekly Draw

Weekly Draw for the new year!

House - Ship - Anchor - Dog - Heart - Tree - Scythe

With Dog in centre, this is a loyalty and friends oriented week. The Dog + Heart is my "lover friend" combo. He is someone who has been my friend for long time with (Dog + Anchor).

He's actually the love of my life, what is in my life if I'm not thinking about him constantly!

First Half:
House - Ship - Anchor
In family or in personal space, I'm moving towards stability. This journey is something I have been waiting for a long time (Ship - Tree) and I'd love the stability (Anchor - Heart). I guess its referring to emotional stability.

At my home, things got little aggressive, because of Scythe in reflection. I have moved towards some pessimism in first half of the week. Emotionally it was a stable week.

Second Half:
Heart - Tree - Scythe

It looks like some long term and stable love (Heart-Tree; Heart-Anchor) will get out of danger and grow immensely (Tree-Scythe).

Can't really by-pass the danger, its always there and its worth it. I love him and he loves me too and thats more than enough for both of us.

Adding all cards: 99 - 18- Dog. wow! This is actually a week focused on friend/lover or loyalty in general.
The dominant suit is of Hearts yet again, (4/7 cards) so this is also a week full of emotions.There are two Tens of Spades and Hearts, which suggest a change of some kind. lets see how it manifests.

It was through and through about him, the centre of my world! The only change that came in this week is my more intense love for him. I'm sure even if there were other things in the spread or the week, I won't notice a thing except the hearts.

Happy New Year everyone!

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