Wednesday, March 28, 2012

32- The Moon

This card has been making some continuous appearances in my readings and I never noticed before, until it started appearing with Rider.
The Rider represents a news, a message, a coming love, a new young man entering your life. For a girl who had her last long-term relationship 3yrs ago, the Rider is definitely an interesting spot (you know what I mean). Jokes apart, the Moon also appeared with Tree, Snake etc. I was waiting for a news, then was waiting for some emotional upheavals, since emotions is a common association with The Moon. Nothing like that happened. That was when I started focusing on other possible meanings of this card.
Another association with this card is that of the subconscious realm. I was scrying the other night with my scrying mirror and I was reminded of this card a great deal. I have also noticed that this card appears more for me when my Psychic Rhythms are heightened. I also associate this card with my dreams, both kinds-them I see with my eyes open, and also those I see with my eyes closed. I take my dreams rather too seriously because they usually haunt me throughout the day, at least the thoughts of them. Today, I'm writing about this card only because I took a nap few hours ago and I saw a dream about Clover-Whip and I was told to discuss this card.
Since after I have put up a vision Board in my room, I'm feeling a positive change in my life. This experience of strange emotions which I have not experienced before is very thrilling. The Moon, and all the cards its coming up with, one way or another describe my desires and things related to my dreams on my vision board. This card tells me that we can always realize our dreams in to reality. We can always direct our subconscious to bring us whatever we want. The Law of Attraction, the Secret and all those things we see all around us, talking about manifesting our dreams into reality, they work, I tell you they do. The only thing they depend on is , how much you believe. When you start believing something, it starts happening. Therefore, we should always keep a positive outlook when it comes to dreams. STAY POSITIVE and you will always get positive stuff out of life.

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