Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Roads/Crossroads/Paths + Child

These meanings and associations are personal, learnt through time and experience. Your cards might show you the meaning of this combination in a different way.Last, but not the least, this is not the only meaning associated with this combination.

The traditional meanings associated with this card are decision point, a choice, alternative, options, open-nature, walking etc. However, I have come to know that this card also represents a new chapter opening, a journey which begins, a change in situation. This is what happens when we make a choice or make a decision. Of course everything that happens is the result of something, some choice, we made before. We find ourselves walking on a path because we chose it at some prior time when we were presented with a choice.

The picture shows a point from where you can take at least three routes. Now you are not aware which path will lead you where, so you have a choice, options or alternatives. Besides that you have to decide whether you want to keep moving, or you want to stand there and keep wondering what you ought to do.

Child is the card of new beginning, a matter which is in its early phases yet but has potential for growth. Several meanings associated with Child are new things, new beginning, an actual child, a young woman, a person who is younger than you, someone who looks young, naivety, purity and innocence.

Together they could be:
New journey, few options, new alternative. A young lady faces a choice, a new start for a lady who has been standing at a crossroad for a long time.

When they both appear together, you should know that a new chapter is going to begin, but its in your control. You can take a step and embrace it, or let it pass you by. However, if you do take a step forward, you might be surprised by what you find.

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  1. paths and child is a choice falice in evolution, although the choice was not easy (the paths represent the uncertainty, doubt about the choice to do)
    if a child / paths then you could say that you have many doubts and uncertainties about what you are doing