Monday, March 12, 2012

Mountain + Key: Definite delays!

These meanings and associations are personal, learnt through time and experience. Your cards might show you the meaning of this combination in a different way.Last, but not the least, this is not the only meaning associated with this combination. 

Mountain is the "hard" card. It brings delays, burdens, blockages that are longer lasting and stresses you out (just like climbing a mountain will). The word "delays" is associated with this card because whenever we have to climb a mountain, it slows our speed, besides adds extra miles to our journey. Its the "tough" card. 

This card can also represent barriers, which can be both for good and bad as well. Whatever is behind this card is being blocked. As a person, I will call this person stubborn.

The Key card is the Yes card of Lenormand juts like Mountain is "not now" card. This card unlocks things, brings answers, solutions, confirmations, the surety, it is something that will sure happen. This card tells us what will happen with certainty. That is why its a "yes" card.

I was going through "A playing card Reader's Notebook" by Kapherus  and I read this for Eight of Diamonds "From an older meaning of "Spectacles" the 8 of Diamond denote "being insightful" or "looking into the future".

This card tells you what is coming up (cards to the right) after you have gone through what you must (cards to the left). 
The cards together can show:

Definite delays. No matter how many efforts you put in, there will be blockages. You will have to be patient and wait if you want a resolution to your problem. You have no other option!

This literally happened to me the time when I got them together in a daily draw. I had no choice but to be patient and face delays. 

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