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Grand Tableau for March (updated)

Here is the Grand Tableau for March.

The Cut:
Whip - Snake - Man

This looks like a man who has a strong power of speech. eloquent man. This can also represent sexual passion or sexual chemistry with a man.

First three cards:
Roads - Dog - Book
A decision is made about a friend which reveals something.

March 23, 2012:
Update: I had to make a decision about a guy about whom little do I know. The pages side of Book is towards him, which shows I did not know him completely. Roads reflect Flowers, it was a decision about an offer, which was important (Key) and required some wisdom and a sound judgement (Lilies).Dog reflects Mice, Ring and Storks. He was someone who wanted a long-term relationship, but I was just not able to convince myself that this is what I want, so I had to say No finally. 

Four Corner Cards:
Roads + Flowers
Two ladies, meeting a friend or A pleasant journey, pleasant alternatives.
Key + Lilies
Important man . Support from someone important.Wisdom revealed.

March 23, 2012:
This was about a decision about a really important offer. The Roads-Key combo tells me this decision must be made, before I could move forward. I also felt that till I make this decision, thing will not move. The Lilies part of the deal still needs to be revealed though. May be its representing another person coming into situation since we are still not done with March.

Fate cards:

Snake- House - Tower - Whip
Trouble at home or with family leads to isolating myself again.

Snake+House (King and Queen of different suits can be an affair). An independent woman and a family oriented man. (Garden-Man) a man met in a social place, Fish-Birds brings worries.

Tower+Whip Troubled individual, trouble with authorities, Tree+Letter, brought on a message, Book +Lady which will not be revealed to me.

March 23,2012
I had plenty of troubles at home and with family this month and many a times I had arguments which made me turn cold towards them.
Snake can be me and House can be Jay, my friend from last month's GT. He is not a very social man though. We have been discussing lot of things which make me see things more clearly.
Analysing Lady:
Lady is in house of House, in house of Lady is Tree, in house of Tree is Fish and in house of Fish is House.
Lady >> House>> Fish >> Tree>>Lady
This looks like this month is all about family and roots and material matters this month.

Past: Roads -Dog - Book
A decision lead to a friend and learning about him.A friend came out in open.

Present: Lady - Cross - Fox - Man
I'm being very very cautious and I'm down from the incidents of the last month.

Future: Lady - Fish - Birds - Mice - Key
Looks like there will be financial worries which will keep me stressed and nervous till a solution is presented.

Counting: Lady>>Key>> Stars >> Anchor>> Heart >> Man>> Snake>> Dog
I will successfully find myself on a new path towards something more stable in terms of love for a man who is  having a trouble being a friend.

Mirroring: Lady + Fish = I might get some money this month, because the Fish is right next to me. Otherwise money will be a concern.

Knighting: Lady+Clover = I'll find some luck
Lady + Clouds = The ambiguities are clearing up
Lady +Moon = I'll find myself dreaming a lot, being sensitive and illusive.
Lady + Ship = I might go on a trip.

Update March 28, 2012
This was one of those months when I was unable to figure out who was "man", who was "Rider, the news or the coming love (with Heart)" and why it was all so messed up. The only thing which was true for this month was financial worries, they kept me worried a lot at a time and finally they were solved. I'm still not sure I have all of what I need, but I can manage for another month at least.
The Counting was all positive cards and this man and I are swiftly being really good friends.

Looking at Book for project:
Book is in house of Ship, my biggest longing right now is to finish it successfully. Ship is in house of Tower, I feel alone but I know I can do it. Tower is in house of Anchor, bringing stability and determination, Anchor is in house of Dog, a friend can be of help, Dog is in house of Clover, yes it is possible he can be of small help, Clover in house of Scythe however I should be warned, Scythe is in house of Roads, I should be warned of different ways I'm presented with.

Counting: Book- Mice - Cross- Mountain - Scythe - Garden - Flower - Roads
It looks like initially I will be worried but then there will be delays that will make me cut off from socialising (may be focusing more on work) and bring many offers (for help may be , Dog next to Roads).

Knighting: It seems like a big, huge project which requires strength (bear), but I'm hopeful (Stars).I need to do some digging (Fox) and that requires determination (Anchor).

Update on Project: I started with lots of stress and there was lots to do, but Thanks God my document has been accepted without any objection. It was such a relief. The Stars were helpful and the Bear. A person did help me (Dog). The submission was blocked just when I was going to submit it on last day (Book-Clover-Mountain) and Book-Cross, but I had a success finally (Moon-Letter). The instructor emailed me that it was fine to submit it 3 days late because of the problem in system. The Counting technique has worked like a charm here. I started six days ago without any knowledge and I faced HUGE obstacles. I practically installed and un-installed at least 10 tools to develop the interface. I finally got it done within time and right when I had to submit it, there was a problem in submission (Cross-Coffin). Submission was delayed and then finally it was sorted and my document was accepted.The Roads now make me wonder which tool I will be using for the database.

Looking at Heart: Heart is in house of Mice, while in house of Heart is Child. There can be a new but naive love or some feelings of affection for someone.
Counting: Heart-Garden-Flower-Roads - Birds - Coffin - Rider - Moon
This looks like I will get many offers, may be online, and this will lead me to a decision point where the nervousness and anxiety will end and a message comes up or a romantic man.

Knighting: Heart -Key = sure love, which is long-lasting (Tree) but will make me lovesick (Birds) and arrival of new love is supported by three cards , Child, Stars and Key.

The Scythe tells me it can be a sudden one, and Clouds tell me it can be somewhat confusing.

The Ring and Tree bring an element of longevity to this love though! However them both can also be a sense of boredom.

Update: I have to agree with the feelings of affection for a friend this month. I really feel very nurturing and protective towards this guy. I just occasionally bumped into few people who were not really able to generate any interest. I did make a decision about an offer and after that my approach changed and I started focusing on man of my dreams (Rider-Moon).
The Scythe was actually a sudden end to a potential relationship, and it was because I was really confused about this guy. The Tree was actually the boredom. I just could not make myself get interested in this man. 

I have also been keeping a track of the combinations I have got in my daily draw and were also there in GT for March.Following have been there:

  1. Roads-Clover = I went to a short trip out side city
  2. Letter - Whip = Did two readings online
  3. Clouds- Fish = it rained that day, I had a conversation with a man who always confuses me. I also made a scrying mirror that day.
  4. Mice-Key = We had a mouse in our house that day. I saw it. Besides that I fell ill, food poisoning.
  5. Tower - Whip = I had to sign a document at my bank. Me and my mother had an argument.
  6. Fox - Ship = My car started troubling during an out-of city trip. I also made a vision board to fulfil my dreams.
  7. Book - Fox (Knighting) = I read the book "The Secret".
  8. Garden - Ship = Went out of city for a gathering.
  9. Tower - Letter = An official letter was received about acceptance of document. I organized my papers in a proper file.
  10. Ship-Snake = my mother was out of town for a gathering (Garden) she was invited to (Letter).
  11. House - Storks(Knighting): I had a new addition in my room, a colourful bed cover.
  12. Ring - Scythe : I ended up a potential relationship proposed by a guy.
So far out of 19 days, on 9 days my daily draws were directly from my GT.

To be Continued...

March 23, 2012:
Update: There is Flower with Heart and Ring which is a combo signifying an engagement. I was wondering that  have not heard about anyone's engagement. Last night I got a message from a friend who said he was engaged. This guy is younger than me (Child) and it was sort of unexpected (Scythe). Congratulations to my friend!

March 30,2012
The combination Letter + Ring, with Flower can be a marriage proposal. It is topped by Scythe. I recently rejected a guy who proposed me about a month ago. So this was very much on spot.

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