Sunday, March 18, 2012

21 cards Gypsy Spread

I did this spread and I had an OMG reading so I thought I would share with you guys as well.
I don't exactly remember where I copied it off because I was going through my first journal and it had this spread which I did in August 2011 and then I decided to give it a try.

First about the spread: It has 21 cards in 3 rows of 7 cards each. You read the three rows as Past, Present and Future.

Past =    1----2----3---4----5---6---7
Future= 15--16--17--18--19--20--21

The 7 cards are narrated as a story.
Here is the twist that I added, because it worked for me, I looked at the central card in each row (4th card) as a theme card and the rest of the row revolves around this card. It made the reading more interesting for me.
Next we also get 7 columns which are each assigned a meaning. I used the following meanings since they were given in my journal.

1 - Thoughts
2- Home
3- Desires
4- What you expect
5- What you don't expect
6- Near future
7- Long-term future


Past: This looks like a dream and a much hoped for (Stars) comfort (House) bringing me to a decision point (Roads) where I secretly (Book) involved myself in a short-lived (Flowers) pleasure(flower) that left me full of energy and optimism (Sun). The Book in the centre tells it was about a secret, something that taught me how to be optimistic (clover) and also how to make the correct decision at the correct time (Roads).
This was a turning point of my life.

Present: A change which brings rest and peace for the lady (me) who is feeling lonely (Tower) and unsure and restless (Fish)  about her feelings (Heart) which feel being blocked(Mountain). Heart-Mountain is the combo from my March GT. So it sounds perfect for present situation. The Tower in the middle is very true. I actually feel very isolated these days. The Lilies next to me make me lazy and sleep a lot.

Future: Fox-Ring is a bad sign and Ring-Man is another bad sign on top. I will probably be cautious of a relationship (Ring) with a Man who is younger than me or at least looks young (Child) and corresponds (Rider, Letter) from a distance (Ship).
This looks very interesting for a future event. The Fox looks like a good warning.

Looking at Columns:
1- Stars - Storks - Fox = a much awaited change which I'm constantly on a look out for
2- House-Lilies-Ring = My dad really needs some rest these days, he says he feels down and tired. He has been having some tough work schedule, his ongoing routine which is why he gets tired.
3- Roads - Lady - Man = Roads are behind me, I'm looking at them (if placed in a line), so I'm looking for my options and my alternatives when it comes to men (and I literally have to make a decision any time now).
4- Book - Tower - Child = The reason I'm alone is because I'm being too naive and in literal sense, new semester starting at University.
5- Clover-Fish-Rider = Some money is coming up, and I hope it does, I really need some.
6-Flower-Heart-Letter = a romantic love letter or a message in which someone asks me to a date
7- Energy will be blocked till I decide to move on or success will be found abroad (Mountain-Ship).

So here was the spread with the reading, and hope you guys will try your hands on this and I wish it works just as good for you as it did for me.


  1. I love this spread which I saw it coming in different versions.Just a thought that came in my mind,your significator felt on middle row- the present row which may show your actions are very important to the future`s success(you must keep your wit about you).

    I really like your blog and its very educative.
    best regards,

    1. Thank you Kali for your insight. I definitely did not notice but looks very significant.

      Thank you for the encouraging remarks!