Thursday, March 29, 2012

Week 13 (updated)

As usual the week is almost over and I'm updating the weekly draw now after 4 days.

The Lady is right in the middle, so the week is entirely depending on me and what I want to make out of it.

Ring - Heart - Mountain:
A relationship, which is strong (Ring//Sun) and is based on love and affection is facing some troubles or obstacles. These obstacles are of small or innocent nature (Mountain // Child).

This bit has already happened on March 28th. Me and this friend of mine had some problem today it was very small and naive problem, but I did find him at a distance today.

Child - Mice - Sun:
This looks like a new opportunity is lost which results in losing my optimism and energy. I do feel like drained since the day I went with the kids to the park and I feel like I'm totally drained of any energy I have in me.The kids I went with are quite stubborn (Child//Mountain) and I was actually feeling unaffectionate (Mice-Heart) towards one girl in particular who is actually very close to me but is very very stubborn.

I don't know whats wrong but I have started feeling so energy less and so bored all the time in last three days. I have been trying to find something to do and the things I have , which need some attention, them I'm not doing. Just being totally lazy (Mice-Sun) and I do fee like my new start or my anticipation of "new" is delayed (Child-Mountain).  Thanks God the week is over!

Adding the cards we had: 166 = 76=13=Child. I really have nothing new on my hands. I rather am bored to death.

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