Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Moon in Aries! (updated)

New Moon in my Sign, in my 7th house, this reading should be interpreted in terms of one-to-one relationships and partnerships.

Q: What will this New Moon bring me during next lunar month?

Whip - Moon - Sun - Storks - Bear - Garden - Clouds - Fox - Rider

Bear represents a protective, plump and financially strong Man because this is what I see here. When I look at the Bear card, it reminds me a guy in particular. He has a round tummy and roundish eyes and he looks a lot like the Bear I'd hug (I don't know what I'm saying). Bear can be power and strength as well, so I see myself getting some strength. I so need it.Interestingly , the new Moon is in Aries and Iris Treppner associate Aries with Bear as well. This guy I'm talking about is also Aries Sun, Mercury, Moon and Venus.

This looks like some emotional discussions will happen bringing energy and a powerful change. Whip-Rider looks like conversations about my thoughts or change. Moon-Fox however warn of false appreciation and even flattery. Sun will come out of Clouds and Storks-Garden tell me I will be going out more often.

Bear - Garden - Clouds - Fox - Rider
An abundance of improved strength but inability to see things more logically (Clouds-Fox and Fox-Moon) about a young man. The Rider is mirroring Whip, I can see he is someone argumentative.

Storks -Bear - Garden = Big changes in social life
Whip - Moon - Sun = Emotional/romantic conversations or discussing on intuition will bring success.
Clouds-Fox-Rider = Being warned about throwbacks, false throwbacks, examining the hindrances actively.

I believe this lunar month will make me get out more often, chatting with other people, discussing what has been holding me in and will let me see through the problems that are so clouding my optimism (Sun).

If the Bear is him, which I'm strongly feeling it is, we might meet up and clear our confusions which no doubtingly are present between two Aries because of their super-hyperactive and restless nature.

Another month has passed and I have yet not heard from him. The Bear is the centre was actually was my personal power and strength. I was having a strong protective network around me (Bear+Garden) which was good for a change (Bear + Storks). Besides that I do not see any thing very clear in this spread. The Rider+Whip did bring a person to me about whom I'm very cautious (Fox+Rider). I actually have trust issues with this person. 

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