Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Different layers of a Daily Draw!

I wanted to share an interesting incident about this draw.
I usually draw two cards for my daily draw, but today I drew three. Looking at the cards one by one, we see there is something about a woman (Snake) possibly older. She is probably ill (Tree) and it has something to do with her reproductive system (Moon).
This turned out the test reports for my aunt's came back and we realized she had some cysts in her right ovary. There is nothing serious but I had to take her to the hospital for further diagnostics.

Tree always depresses me. I hate seeing this card in my spread. This card talks about patience, boredom, things that take long long time to grow. The general meaning associated with this card is the long-term goals, probably life long, growth and ripening. The Moon is the dreams, the subconscious desires. The Snake card has often represented me since I'm very very good with strategies.
This combo told me, through the events of the day , that I can use my subconscious to manifest my long-term goals in my life. Some of them have actually started appearing already and for the others I can sense their energy around me.

When you have a daily draw, try to look at all the possible associations and how they might manifest. They can be literal (the first interpretation) or at a deeper level (the second interpretation).

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