Monday, March 5, 2012

Week 10!! (Updated)

Storks - Book - Mountain - Rider - Moon - Dog - Snake

The Rider in the middle shows there is a visitor or a movement happening this week. Rider-Moon can be a psychic message, a message in dream (I should write them down) or a message about recognition. Rider-Mountain can be a man coming from another country, or a stressful message.
A stressful message or a stressful, blocked situation addressed in a dream.

Left arm: Storks - Book - Mountain
An improvement or expansion in studies which stresses me out. I see this coming. I have my project Interface design due in one week and I just started. The Storks mirror Snake, so the improvement in efficiency and smartness will help me. Book-Dog talks about a helpful friend.

Right arm: Moon - Dog - Snake
A friend looks in trouble here. Snake-Storks tell me this trouble will be resolved. Dog-Book, this friend is someone who studies. Moon-Mountain, he is worried about success, recognition and honours.

Rider represents one's thoughts too, so this week my thoughts will shift from unrealistic and illusions (Moon) towards the obstacles on hand (Mountain). 

Adding the numbers: 122- 32-Moon. We have a full moon in Virgo this week. The message is success, recognition and fame, dreams are important and must be written down.

Update: This week was full of stress initially because of the project document due exactly today. I was very worried but then I figured a way out, I did get some help from a friend (Dog+Book). Without his help I could not have done anything. The second half of the week was marked with my dad and me both falling ill due to intestine toxins (Snake). The week ended on a bad note due to my sickness. Feeling a lot well now. There was one very important dream this week, which I told my Mom and she said it was related to someone in the family who passed over to the next world and now they want me to know something.

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