Monday, March 12, 2012

House + Heart; Home is where the Heart is!

These meanings and associations are personal, learnt through time and experience. Your cards might show you the meaning of this combination in a different way.Last, but not the least, this is not the only meaning associated with this combination. 

House card talks about your residence, your home, not to mention, home is where the heart is. The cards that surround this card tell us what is going on at home, or in one's personal space. Like I said above, home is the place which gives you shelter, makes you feel protected, secure and the feeling of "at home". This can be a person as well, who makes you feel all these things. 

With the playing card insert of King of Hearts, this is a person who is protective and family-oriented and somewhat paternal. My dad is Scorpio Sun, Venus and Moon, therefore, I associate this card with him. This card makes me think of him. But if you are reading for yourself, it can be a man in your life who is passionate, artistic and emotional. He is really sensitive.

Heart on the other hand is love, feeling of affection, warmth, compassion and a human physical heart. In older cartomancy meanings, Jack of Hearts represents an emotionally insecure, immature and lazy man. In modern meanings, its usually a lover. This is a person you feel love and affection for. A favoured child.
For older women, it can represent a son, and for younger women it can be a lover or lover. This is someone you have an emotional attachment with.

The meanings I associate with this combination are:

My father and brother: King of Hearts is my dad for me. My eldest brother is his favourite child, and he holds a strong bond with him, thus, its two of them

My love for my father/family. Since I love him a lot, he is probably the most important man in my life, I feel an affection and warmth in my heart for him.

Love at home, love for family. Any card (person or other) near the card 04-House means home and family for me. So this card means love/warmth/affection for family members or members of family feel love for each other.

Traditionally, a King and Jack of Hearts together could mean the Return of an old lover. I have somewhat experienced this aspect too in a daily draw. Someone I once had an attachment with kind of made a re-entry in my life. 

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