Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Book + Fox: Detective work!

These meanings and associations are personal, learnt through time and experience. Your cards might show you the meaning of this combination in a different way.Last, but not the least, this is not the only meaning associated with this combination.

Book is mainly looked at as "Secret" and the "Unknown". We see here the book is closed and we don't know what its about. The secondary meanings which I associate with Book is education, my Final Project specifically, since the cards have often chosen this card to represent my project. The Book, besides these meanings, can be documents, paper-work, letters, diaries, or occult knowledge.
Its something you need to learn about or discover.

There is a theory about Book card. The card towards the open side of the Book is something you know about, something you have a little idea about. The card to the spine side (right side for this deck) is what you have no idea about. I experienced this in my monthly GTs where I got the combination Book+Dog in one month and Dog+Book in next month. The first month was when this person had not appeared in my life, yet, and the second month was when I knew a little (not much) about him.

The Fox card has been talked about and discussed a lot in these two posts; here and here!

I said in that post the direction Fox is facing is what needs to be sniffed out, what requires an investigation and what can be wrong. The Fox is towards the Spine side of the Book, so one can assume, there is some lie or cheating which is not discovered yet. The Fox will sniff the Book, but won't be able to get much out of it since its facing the Spine side of the Book. so we can say:

  • Despite the effort, secret won't be revealed
  • Sniff out a secret
  • Finding out a secret
  • Detective work
  • Make sure the documents are complete before you dispatch them.
I sense I will get a news about my project document that I submitted yesterday, I hope I did not miss anything in that!

Update: The day I had this combo drawn, the next day i was literally checking The Secret out at a book store! amazing!!!

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