Monday, March 12, 2012

Tower + Birchrod/Birch/Whip and Rod

These meanings and associations are personal, learnt through time and experience. Your cards might show you the meaning of this combination in a different way.Last, but not the least, this is not the only meaning associated with this combination. 

Tower is the card of authority, something that has been standing there firmly for years and years, Government, structure, power, ambition, something that has always been there and never really gone. 
In career, this card talks about ambition, independence, where you stand head held high.
In love, this card is always separation, or split.
In work and jobs, its Government, structured organizations, courts, hospitals and with Book, University.A high building.
Emotionally, its loneliness, a feeling of being OK being alone. 
In terms of medicine, its the spinal column.
As a person, he is someone tall, thin, loves structure and authority, and is pretty organized.It can also be someone alone, single etc.

Whip on the other hand is the card of negotiations, arguments, discussions, troubles, breakups, documents etc. Something is going to be discussed and the discussion is going to get little heavy. Interestingly, this card , like the Tower, also represents separation but in a different way. Tower represents separation because you feel secure and comfortable being alone, or you are alone because of your pride, ego etc. The Whip on the other hand is the separation because of arguments, fights and quarrels. It can also represent something that needs to be done twice. Another theory describes that Rod side is what is discussed behind closed doors and Broom side is what is discussed in public.
This card also talks about emotions that are intense, specially sexual chemistry.
As Jack of Clubs, this is a person who is young, sporty, hard working and active. 
A sports lover or an admirer. 

Together they can indicate:

  • A trouble with authority
  • A court case
  • A negotiation
  • A discussion between two people, where one is trying to make the other bend down, and the other person does not give up at all (telling you from experience).
  • A separation because of both ego and quarrels.
  • Sexual arousal.

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