Saturday, March 3, 2012

End of Month analysis!

I started jotting down my Daily Draws with utmost sincerity in February (Yet I missed two or three days in between) and then at the end of the month I counted the number of times each card came up in daily draw. In February, our winner is Letter with 8 appearances, Heart with 7 and Storks with 6 appearances.

I did receive a very important message this month, probably the most important one.  Lets look at the letter in Grand Tableau for the month, the Letter is house of Tower, which means its a one-time message. In house of Letter there is Storks , the message is about a change, which is usually positive. The Letter is right above Storks as well, bringing a definite change.The Tower is also close by. The Scythe is next to Letter, it was quite unexpected I must say. There is Ship close by, the message came from other part of the world and bring me lots of hope about something new to look forward to (Child).

Looking at Storks which is in house of Letter, a message about change, and in house of Storks is Snake, which brings a change for a woman, a detour. I have often looked at the Snake card representing me (Queen of Clubs).

The Heart card is close to Storks and I love that all three cards are really close. If I do knighting from Heart, I get Storks and Letter. I have actually just come to embrace the fact that things happen, it was just a bad month, I was at the far end of the spread and I found myself looking back to the past again and again. Now I'm happy because I'm not in the same position for March (Thanks God).

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