Thursday, March 22, 2012

Week 12 (updated)

Moon - Lady - Birds - Letter - Roads - Heart - Rider

Letter is the theme card so this week is about an important message. The card is surrounded on both sides by cards which signify the number Two, therefore, I'd say it means two messages. Letter-Roads means two letters/documents or a message which makes me excited, and Letter-Birds means message delivered by phone call/text message, or a message which sums a situation up/gives a decision.

A sensitive or emotional lady, is anxious or nervous because of a message which requires a decision about a matter of heart and a young man (whose heart is actually involved).

March 22,2012: This very much resonates with the situation as I'm typing this. I find myself at a decision point about a man. The Jack of Heart is looking at the Queen of Pentacles but the Queen is busy looking at the Letter. I wonder if this could mean that I'm being superficial.

Left arm:
Moon - Lady - Birds - Letter
The Lady mirrors Heart, and Moon is near her along with Birds, I'd say that's my mother. She has been quite nervous because of a message she received. She even told me about this phone call that has been bothering her.

Right arm:
Now about the second part, I'm wondering if this would mean I'm going to hear from this guy about him visiting me? Has he made the decision whether he's coming or not. We will see by the end of the week.
Update March 23, 2012:
I actually received a text message last night (Birds-letter) which helped me a lot in making a decision about a love situation involving a man. The Rider might be a news coming soon, because I'm supposed to receive an important message by end of March. The Rider mirrors Moon which shows its a message about success and recognition.
Update March 26,2012
Last week, on Saturday, I decided and also communicated my decision on phone (Roads-Birds) and I'm again on a quest for love (Rider-Moon). This combination is also from my daily draw for Sunday, so I will explore it in a separate post. 

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