Friday, March 30, 2012

Roads-Flower: Take it or Leave it?

Twilight: Edward, Bella and Jacob
Choices, choices, choices. Once upon a time, when I was to select my courses for grad school, a person really older and wiser than me said " you are lucky if you have options". I still remember his words because I did believe him at that time. How life proceeded and what I made out of all the choices I had, that is another story, but I still try to make myself believe what he said. You are lucky if you have options.

This is right if you are a downright optimist, but what about a person really bad with making decisions. I hate when this card appears again, and again, and yet again. I'm talking about 22-Roads/paths/crossroads card. This card shows us we are at a very important point in life where we are supposed to make a decision. This card is called "decision" or "choices" because when we are having choices, we are actually facing a decision (how logical and interpretive).

The Flower on the other hand is the card which talks about all the good things in life, good company, a token of gratitude, a friend or girlfriend, a gift, an offer or invite, thus the things we just want to have all the time.

When it appears with Roads card, it means an offer needs a decision. You have to take it or leave it. Look at the surrounding cards to see if there is a hint what the decision may lead to. These are some tempting offers, some lucrative choices, but again, can't have them all!

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