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End of Month Analysis: March 2012

Since December I started keeping a track of my daily draws and I found most of my daily draws relate a lot to my monthly GT. On the other hand the card which comes up the most is usually a really important aspect of the month or needs attention in the GT. Therefore, at the end of the month I'd write down which card (s) came up the most in daily draw and then locate it in GT and interpret accordingly.

This month's winners are: Ship, Heart and Storks.

The GT for the month is here.

We look at the Ship card first. Ship card is the card of travelling mainly but since I do not travel very often, and specially in a monthly draw I would take that as a change or a movement, mostly a huge one. Ship is in house of 19-TOWER which is the house of Isolation. So there has been a change in feeling alone or isolated. In house of Ship(longings) is Book. In the very beginning of the month I asked the deck which card represented Jay this month and the answer was Book. This guy has played a huge role in bringing a lot of happiness in my life. We are not romantically involved, like you can tell by the Dog next to him, but he is really close friend.  So the description fits well so far. If we look behind Ship, there is Anchor and behind that Mountain, the Ship is probably leaving the home point or the dock (Anchor, Mountain) and is moving in to the oceans. However, there is Fox right next to it, which is sort of sniffing the Ship. I have been VERY careful about every move I have made this month. Very guarded and cautious moves. Right next to it is the Moon, which together talk about illusion (I wrote this in the other post). Ship mirrors Scythe, Clouds and Coffin. It knights Bear, Stars, Tree, Lilies, Lady, Dog and House. We can say that the changes and the movements I have made this month were may be in my head only, (This one is true though) and they are not very clear but they are necessary to cut off from what lies behind now (Scythe). This also speaks of a new beginning after I closed few doors (Coffin). This will take a while (Tree) but with the help of this friend(Dog) who brings balance in my life (Lilies), I can say I will make it (Lady) home (House). Most of this will not make any sense to you, but it does to me.

Next card that wanted my attention is Storks, which is a positive change, an improvement, a new addition. Storks is in house of Book, the unknown. This speaks of changes which are learnt. Storks mirror Ring, so I can safely say I have learnt a great deal about relationships in last 2-3 months. Some huge lessons have come my way. Storks also mirror Dog and Mice. I have seen relationships crumbling away (Ring-Mice) and how they change the way we trust people (Storks-Dog).
In house of Storks is the mountain, which also speaks of delays or obstacles, so we can again say the changes or the upward flight was (is?) not easy.
If we look at the three cards Lilies-Storks-Garden it looks like someone is leaving the resting state and is going out more. This is what has happened. I started moving out and around a lot since after February.

Next card is the Heart card.
This card is most people's favourite because it talks about love, affection, feelings, and the usual lovy dovy stuff we all want to know about at some points in our lives.

Heart is in house of Mice, some feelings and emotions have been eaten away, I can again, safely say that. In house of Heart is Child, which says there is a new but immature love started this month. I totally understand why Child is in house of Heart because I cannot say I'm in love, but I do have feelings of affection, those motherly feelings for a very close friend. These feelings have developed over the course of last 2 months. The Heart is surrounded by two negative (Clouds and scythe) and five positive cards (Rider, Sun, Child, Flower, Ring) and one neutral card. If we look at it this way, there is an indication of new love coming my way. I can tell you that I have not found a new love or a new young budding romance (Rider-Child) which feels very complete or true (Sun-Heart-Ring) yet, but I have to confess I feel the energy. Last time when I felt this way, I fell completely head over heels in love. I'm very much anticipating similar kind of feelings now. The Scythe and Clouds talks about a different story. I actually rejected a proposal for a long-term potential relationship (Flower, heart, Ring, Child, Rider) which was very promising, but I have no idea why I did that. I just could not make myself feel good about it. Must be the Mice :D.
Heart knights Stars, which is the card of desires, dreams and hopes, Tree, the card for long-term goals, Key which assures that its not out of reach and Birds which makes nervous and excited. I actually set up a vision board this month, which has a corner in which I have put pictures of happy couples, a baby, some positive quotes about relationships and a bold statement which says "New Love", and shortly after that I started feeling the energy I described above. I will write in detail about the vision board later, will put up some pictures too.
and I just noticed that Heart was my card last month too which made second highest number of appearances last month too .

So here we are with the most important aspects of this month being discussed and they were very much important I can tell from experience (:p) and hope you guys would want to keep a journal and try to analyse your daily draws as well like this. Its very informative trust me !

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