Monday, March 12, 2012

Week 11 (Update)

Ring -Child - Lady  - Whip - Key - Anchor - Letter

Whip in the middle suggests some important discussions this week, emphasized by Key next to it. Whip-Lady suggests these discussions will be by me, or mine with a sensitive, young, naive lady (Child-Lady).

Left arm:

A new contract or relationship seems to be developing for me, but that will leave me a bit argumentative or some important discussions about this matter.

Right arm:
Whip - key - Anchor - Letter
Ring+Anchor appeared yesterday as my daily draw and since I do not have a job, I look at anchor as something stable and long-lasting. The Anchor+Letter and Letter+Ring looks like a message or communication about a stable relationship which I discuss with my brother a lot these days about his relationships which tend to be pretty short-term, besides all his efforts. Key-Lady looks like it will resolve things for me.

Adding the numbers: 173 = 83 = 11-Whip. Another emphasis on the discussions and documents. Nothing about the project document I hope!

Update: The week was marked by discussions and physical energy I had (or the lack of it). Some discussions did get heated but they gave me a food for thought, specially a discussion between me and my brother about my job (Whip-Key-Anchor). Lady-Key looks like I have found some important answers to the kind of life I want to have. Ring-Letter and Child-Anchor probably relates to the articles and documents I read about vision board, you can see one at the bottom of my blog, and how to make them grow into something stable and long-lasting (Anchor).

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