Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Big Love Outlay

I have been eyeing this spread for many days, and it comes with the Treppner's course as well. Its one of the spreads in this course which I have dared not trying because of its big-ness. But after having dealt with five GTs so far I decided to do it today:
The relationship I'm focusing on is in the very early stages of mutual likeness but I have been noticing, feeling and knowing there is a strong potential and probability of growth.

Here is the spread with my interpretations:

Row 1:
What is coming up: Lady- Self-concern.

Short-term Bliss: Roads- an Alternative or escape. Looks like I will soon be having an option/alternative.

Joint Forays: House- we make each other feel comfortable and at home.

Domestic Bliss: Coffin- shows we are not very happy with our family and personal lives right now

What needs to evolve: He needs to evolve. The power and masculine aspects of our relationship.

What are the Obscurities: Ship – The distances between us are a burden on nerves.

Complications and misunderstanding: Moon- There are emotional issues. He is too sensitive while I’m too insensitive.

What will end: Sun – The energy between us and the optimism will end.

Surprise: Fish: The connection at the soul level will emerge.

Row 2:
What is hurting my soul: Clouds: The confusions and sense of not knowing

To be discussed jointly: Mountain: The blockages which we have.

Causing Concern: Whip- the discussions that turn into heated arguments.

Recommencement will come from: Lily- being wiser and polite. Bringing harmony

Deceit or cleverness: Heart – Love and being sensitive and warm will be the smarter thing to do.

United or Divided: Tree – very strong Karmic connection which will be harder to get away from

To follow up: Fox – Be cautious and sniff it out well before proceeding.

Positive change: Key – Definite YES

Assessment of social environment: Tower- ambitious, one with higher values. Someone to look up to.

Row 3: 
Alienation and egoism: Storks: This looks like we both like to have our freedom.

Going out often enough: Stars- We live far apart but we are hoping to meet soon.

Further blockages: Rider – There seems to be fast actions in future or communication.

Opting against this commitment: Cross –there is a hint of fate in this line, even if its painful.

Will there be a break up: Clover- There will be hope and luck.

Are the feelings mutual: Owls- They represent a couple sometimes, a pair, mutual.Yes

Firm and stable relationship: Flower: pleasurably yes!

Will the new partner wait for me: Bear – he is protective and patient enough to do so.

Communication: Snake- True. We never have a smooth talk for long, its always not like we intend it to be.

Row 4: 
How do I value him: Dog – as a wonderful loyal devoted friend

How do I value myself: Ring – I value myself as a commitment-oriented person.

Passion: Mice- There is lots of holes in that area since we are not very close yet and there is a lot that needs to be discovered.

Emotional warmth and feeling of security; Book- There is a feeling of unknown warmth and security. I just can’t put my finger on it but it looks like Tree card explains it well.

Mutual Attraction: Child – There is a child-like attraction like two kids are attracted towards each other without considering anything in the world. This is really true in our case.

Does he give me adequate feeling of security: Garden – He gives me my freedom to meet new people and does not put any kind of restrictions. That is enough security for me

Are there money troubles: Anchor: there is stability in that department.

Is he a fitting partner: Scythe: I might break away from him. He might be someone I never expected to find.

Collective Burden: Letter- The distance and the way we are unable to communicate not so often is what needs a resolution.

Overall: It looks like we have a strong connection based on warm feelings and there is strong chance for this to turn into something more beautiful in future. There is solid ground for long-term and stable relationship. The only kind of issues lie with communication. The Whip, Ship, Mountain, Snake and Letter are all pointing to this fact. We need to check our communication levels and then analyse how our words effect the relationship. Overall I see a great sense of a wonderful relationship which is based on innocence and there is mutual attraction too. I still don't know if He is a fitting partner or not because scythe can be just his spontaneity which I absolutely adore or it can mean I'll separate from him.

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